On the Road Around Europe

YPS Meet | Nov 19 | Venkatappa Art Gallery

Not many people get a chance to drive around Europe in a car over a month. If you do what would you see. Would you go around to see Switzerland and Paris or would you see other places.

Mr. A.K. Raju. AFIAP, had it all worked out with the help of his aunt in UK. In 30 days he covered 10 countries and 19 cities and you would not have heard of many of them. He gave plenty of tips on how to plan these trips and how to optimize enormous costs of traveling in Europe, choosing places to stay, routes to take etc.

Spread across two Powerpoint presentations, the images kept the audience spell-bound for nearly 90 minutes. Despite limitations of being a family trip, he produced such astounding images. He explained every image, and throughout his presentation, he used road maps to give us an idea how he travelled which was very interesting. He has used lines, colours, and symmetry in his images so perfectly and it was amazing to see perfect control on exposures.

The interesting fact was that he did not visit major cities, but lesser known and more beautiful places.  The images of cathedrals and museums were awe inspiring with tonal qualities and compositions.

His lively explanations combined with his mastery over photography made this a memorable presentation.  It was also great to meet with his parents.