YPS 35th All India Salon closes on a grand scale

YPS Salon | Exhibition Inauguration | Jan 13 | CKP

The YPS 35th All India Salon ended on a very high note with the Salon Exhibition on January 13th & 14th at Chitrakala Parishath. The large number of guests who made it to the audience made the program special.

In a way the 35th YPS All India Salon served many firsts for YPS:

  • First ever time YPS held an International Salon and All India Salon in the same year
  • Following the tradition set in the International Salon, the pictures were presented in frames and mount in the exhibition that would make the photographers proud
  • This is the first time, YPS had included two educational programs as part of the Salon Exhibition
  • This is the first time an YPS Salon issued a digitally generated certificate for all the Acceptances
  • This is the first time event photographs were made available on the Salon website with facility to download a full resolution picture for personal records
  • This is the first time we made all payments through account transfers eliminating the possibility of cheques getting misplaced
  • This is perhaps the first time, all the Salon Awards were sponsored by photo enthusiasts
  • This is the first time, the All India Salon catalog was produced in 5-star quality
  • This is the first time YPS encouraged young photographers (less than 18 years) with free participation and provided 12 awards for some stunning pictures
  • This is the first time Groups could register on the website on their own without any intervention from Salon Committee
  • This is the first time, payments were accepted only through Payment Gateway

The results were very satisfying and there are always opportunities for improvements.

Heart-felt thanks

We thank all the YPS Members who supported the Salon, the Salon Committee Members who worked day and night to make this successful, all the sponsors and all the participants who made this a success.

Report on Website

You can read a complete report of the Salon Inauguration Function and Exhibition on Salon Website. Take time to see all the winning and accepted images (accepted images can be seen in a bigger size by clicking on the image).