Beautiful and Naturally so

YPS Meet | Mar 31 | State Youth Centre

We know that Nature is beautiful. But coming from Shri. Mahesh reddy’s camera they naturally looked more beautiful. Such a display of colors, details and variety extending over 150 pictures. It was like taking a mini tour of the world on a Wildlife / Nature trip. People who missed can see the slideshow on this page.The event was well attended with over 40 members of YPS and members of family of Mr. Mahesh Reddy attended the YPS Meet. While introducing Shri. Mahesh Reddy, Shri. Satish mentioned that Mahesh was not sure whether he has many pictures that people may appreciate. But it so turned out that every frame was loved by the participants and left them in a dizzy.

Shr. Mahesh started with his stunning pictures of Birds of India in which he had covered over 90 species of varieties of birds including some exotic ones. Then he moved on to mammals and showed some 40 pictures. He then showed some brilliant collection of pictures from Costa Rica. Some of the Hummingbird images were just amazing.

He summed it up by stating that his success with nature photography had primarily been attributed to his passion, practice, persistence and patience.

Mr. Mahesh was very honest when responding to the questions from the audience.  Shri Rajaram present him with a memento from YPS.

You can flip through his pictures here.