Unique Presentation for YPS

YPS Meet | Apr 7 | State Youth Centre

On April 7th, we saw a great display of nuances of Fashion Photography explained by the young, and bearded, Shri. Preetham Hosamane. Even though he is young, there were many lessons in composition, lighting and colors that even senior photographers can take back.

There used to be a time, when YPS members were identified as Wildlife or Nature photographers,and  of course why not, with host of celebrated personalities with lots of achievements and international honors behind them coming out of wildlife photography. They all brought laurels to YPS as well as to Karnataka. In the recent months, YPS has hosted programs on different genres of Photography like Astro Photography, Desert Photography, Monuments etc. Our members and their interests have become varied and it is important that YPS addresses their needs.

On April 7, 2018, the members of YPS had a feast of stunning images of Fashion Photography presented by Mr. Preetham Hosamane, a charming young man still in his twenties, who is already making waves in the world of Fashion Photography.
Mr. Preetham basically hails from Mysore. He remembered his early days when he got his first DSLR camera, gifted by his sister and started clicking anything and everything on weekends. He expressed that as every other person does he also started doing landscapes and nature initially, but later found that photographing people is what he enjoyed most and went on clicking his friends whenever he got time. He tasted joy when people started liking his pictures, especially on social media like Facebook, where his pictures started creating a fan-club for him, which kindled his interest and brought him to the fore.

He recollected the days when he used to sneak in to Fashion Shows with the help of his friends and contacts he made in this field and started clicking pictures. Seeing his pictures, the models started recognizing his talent and were more than happy to get photographed by him, be it on stage or backstage. Even the organizers of shows spotted his talent and started inviting him to cover the events.

He got his first major assignment to cover the Mysore Fashion Week organised every year. He show cased some of his pictures taken during initial days with just the available light, which portrayed his visual imagination and ability to connect with people and the environment. This special ability of his contributed to a large extent for his success.

He was completely self-taught and this was becoming evident in his pictures that showed unique styles and willingness to break the rules of composition. It is this ability to do things differently has made his pictures fresh and unique and led him along his path of growth. He now enjoys a status among Fashion Photographers because of this.

He spoke about how he loves clicking, when he is given free hand to shoot in his style, which brings out his creativity into reality, rather than being told what to do. But then, professional requirement also needs to be adhered to, he says, when the client specifically asks for somethings keeping in mind the end use for the pictures.

He show cased some stunning fashion images shot at locations of Goa, Hampi and other places. He slowly started mastering the use of light and progressed from use of natural light to use of varied sources of light including professional lighting equipment. The creative way of using different colour lights he explained, caught the audience in awe and am sure everyone liked the images he presented. His creative use of lights was recognized by the Industry and resulted in he being made a Mentor by Profoto, to conduct workshops for them on usage of various lights.

It was treat to see his pictures of various models from India as well as abroad. He remembered the day, when Kannada actress Aindrita Ray called him up to get a shoot done and the pictures he did were used for the cover of the music album.

He was more than happy to share some important tips, which needs to be taken care while doing a Fashion Shoot. The inter-action session was well participated by the audience, posing lots of questions on various aspects like, whether he chooses the model, how he selects the locations to shoot, how he prepares for the shoot, what equipment he uses and finally how to charge for a shoot etc. Mr. Preetham was kind enough to answer all these questions and did it with ease and smiling face, which gave out his humble attitude and openness to share things without any reservation.

Shri. H. Satish, President of YPS in his closing words had a special word about the humbleness of Mr. Preetham in presenting himself and was all praise for the works displayed by him. After witnessing the presentation and seeing the lovely images, am sure interest in Fashion Photography would have kindled in the minds of every one.

Another Saturday evening well spent at YPS, knowing some nuances of Fashion Photography. Thank you Mr.Preetham, for the wonderful evening and also thanks to the audience who made it to the program on short notice. Am confident now that YPS members will await for the next program anxiously to know what next.

You can flip through his presentation, if you had missed the opportunity:


Report by Girish Ananthamurthy