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Exemplary Wildlife Week 2020

Wildlife Week Oct 2 – Oct 8, 2020

YPS just concluded the Wildlife Week celebration for 2020. Despite the continuing pandemic situation, the spirits of Wildlife enthusiasts were kept by the excellent presentations on wildlife every day from October 2nd to October 8th. Over 200 photographers, members, supporters and non-members attended the webinars broadcasted through Facebook Live and Youtube Live.

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YPS International Salon 2020

YPS International Salon 2020 is a DIGITAL only Salon due to the pandemic situation. The Salon enjoys patronage from popular international Photographic Associations FIAP, FIP, GPU, MOL and PSA.

YPS International Salon 2020 is now open for participation with some exciting new features: 

  • Truly International Salon with International Jury. No jury member assesses more than one section.
  • Patronages from FIAPPSAGPUMOL and FIP. There are 66 medals and pins and badges to be won.
  • Highly subsidized simple fee structure.
  • All payments are through fully integrated on-line gateways with Paypal support for international participants. No need to wait for payment to be verified.
  • Payment can be made in Indian Rupees or US Dollars.
  • Discounts available for group/club participation.
  • Past participants can save time by logging in using pre-created credentials. No need to register again.
  • Professionally managed with quick responses to all queries raised through the Salon website

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Youth Photographic Society has been well known for its Wildlife Photographers right from the days its inception in 1971. YPS Celebrates Wildlife Week every year with an exhibition. Given the current conditions, this year we will celebrate Wildlife Week with delightful webinars featuring wildlife photography experts. Each photographer will focus on different aspects of wildlife covering different places and topics.

The Webinar series is open to all and is available through Facebook Live as well as Youtube Live.

To get notified of YPS Webinars,

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YPS’ Official Number

+91 9513 YPS BLR – is the new official phone number for all future communications. Please save it in your contacts without fail, so you don’t miss any communication from the club.

Wondering how to save +91 9513 YPS BLR as a number? The letters translate to +91 9513 977 257 as can be seen on your phone’s dial pad

The New Phone was inaugurated on 26 Jul, 2020 @ the Awards ceremony of YPS All India Digital Salon 2020.

Starting August 01, 2020, all YPS notifications will be made from this number.