Best Club Awards 2018

In just over 6 months YPS could win 25 Best Club Awards in 2018. Please find the details below.

Best Club Awards in 2018

List of Best Club Awards won by YPS in 2018
#LogoSalon NameDetails
11st CSCP National Photographic Salon - 20188 Awards, 103 Acceptances
22nd Alokrekhay International -2018
32nd LSA National Digital Circuit -2018
419th Chhayapath International Salon 2018
550th Howrah International Salon 2018
6AGCP International Circuit-2018
71st Fotorbit International Salon-2018
8PHA International Salon -2018 (Photo Hunters)
9Photo Quest International Digital Salon 2018
10CAS International Photo Contest 2018
11Enprint International Digital Circuit-2018
12Fotowinner 1st International Circuit - 2018
13Rule Of Third International Digital Circuit -2018
14Unique Imagination 2nd International Circuit 2018
152nd International Art Photographic Salon"VARADINUM" Oradea Romania 2018
161st Picturesque International Digital Salon 2018
17Best India Circuit - 2018
183rd Campina 2018, International Exhibition of Photography, Romania
19Fullframe International -2018
20Montage National Circuit -2018
21PABEL 5th National Digital Salon - 2018
22WinterLight International Digital Salon- 2018
231st PLAAPA National Salon -2018
241st Creative Digipix National Salon 2018
25FIP Interclub Contest 2018