Best Club Awards 2020

Top of the 34th FIP Interclub 2020

Youth Photographic Society, yet again finished on the top of the table in the 34th FIP Interclub 2020 contest. With 60 acceptances (65 points) YPS finished first among the 34 Clubs that participated in the contest.

YPS Congratulates all the participants who contributed to the win.

Best Club Awards in 2020

List of Best Club Awards won in 2020
#LogoSalon NameDetails
2/811st KMPS National Digital Salon 2020FIP 2019/FIP/180/2020
3/82Blackhole National Circuit 2020FIP 2019/181-182-183/2010
4/8313th NBPC Salon of Photography 2020FIAP 2020/044
PSA 2020-014
ICS 2020/108
GPU L20015
FIP 2019/FIP/137
5/841st KCA International SalonPSA 2020-057
FIP 2019/FIP/178/2020
6/85Enprint 3rd International Circuit 2020 (Digital)PSA 2020-027
7/861st LPS National Salon 2020FIP 2019/FIP/241/2020
8/875th Love for Art International Digital Salon 2020 - Best Indian ClubFIAP 2020/046
PSA 2020/053
FIP 2019/FIP/190/2020
9/885th Love for Art International Digital Salon 2020 - Best Overall ClubFIAP 2020/046
PSA 2020/053
FIP 2019/FIP/190/2020
10/8935th FIP Interclub Contest
11/90Hello Word Digital Circuit 2020PSA 2020-086
12/91Rainbow 4th International Circuit 2020 (DIGITAL)FIAP 2020/067-069
FIP 2019/146-147-148/2020
MOL 2019/71
IUP 2020/007
GPU L200024
ICS 2020/109
ISF 09/2020
13/92CMYK 2020 - National Salon of PhotographyFIP 2019/FIP/222/2020
14/93Fotomagiq National CircuitFIP 2019/FIP/255-257/2020
15/941st Snap Art International Salon 2020FIAP 2020/074
FIP 2019/189/2020
GPU L200031-M1G
16/95Miracle Image 6th International Salon 2020 DigitalFIAP 2020/013
FIP 2019/FIP/124/2020
IUP 2020/004
ISF 08/2020
ICS 2020/110
GPU L200024
MOL 2019/70
17/96APF National SalonFIP 2019/FIP/246/2019
18/974th ONYX 2020 International Exhibition of Photography, Romania - Club Special AwardPSA 2020-018
GPU L-200006
ICS 2020-120
19/98Expression National Circuit 2020FIP 2020/FIP/004-005-006/2020
20/999Sun's Shadow 3rd National Salon 2020FIP 2020/FIP/009/2020
21/100Surodhuni Art 1st International Salon 2020 (Digital) - Best Indian ClubPSA 2020-033
GPU L200050-M1G
23/102Creative Art International Digital Salon 2020FIAP 2020/162
FIP 2019/FIP/244/2020
24/103ZOOMIN International Circuit 2020FIAP 2020/150-152
PSA 2020-126
GPU L200048
FIP 2019/FIP/218-220/2020
25/104German International Photocup 2020 - 3rd Best Club with MedalPSA 2020-08
FIAP 2020/018-021
GPU L200009
DVF Patronat 02-05/2020
26/1054th FU National Salon of Photography 2020FIP 2020/FIP/013/2020
27/1061st Golden Light National Circuit 2020FIP 2019/FIP/170-171-172/2020
28/1071st The Creative Eye National Salon 2020FIP 2020/FIP/02/2020
29/1082nd Plaapa National Digital Salon 2020FIP 2020/FIP/026/2020
30/109IPCS (Imagix Photo Club of Santipur) 1st National Salon 2020FIP 2020/FIP/020/2020
31/110ASA National Circuit 2020 - GNG CLUBFIP 2020/FIP/31/2020
32/111ASA National Circuit 2020 - LENS AND VIEWFIP 2020/FIP/32/2020
33/112ASA National Circuit 2020 - PMP CLUBFIP 2020/FIP/33/2020
34/113Fotosquare 3rd International Salon 2020 DigitalFIP 2019/FIP/250/2020
FIAP 2020/226
ICS 2020/122
GPU L200072
ISF 24/2020
35/114Creative Digipix National 2020FIP 2020/FIP/065/2020
36/115Loftman 3rd International Circuit 2020 (Digital)FIP 2019/FIP/165-167/2020
FIAP 2020/99-101
PSA 2020-205
37/116PSS 1st National Digital Salon 2020FIP 2020/FIP/027/2020
38/117Tornado National Salon 2020FIP 2020/FIP/022/2020
39/118Discovery Photo Exhibition 2020PSA 2020-195
GPU L200067
40/119Artistic National Salon 2020FIP 2020/FIP/011/2020
41/120GNG National SalonFIP 2020/FIP/30/2020
42/121Kolkata Shadow Lines 1st National Photography Competition 2020FIP 2020/FIP/010/2020
43/1224th Alokrekhay International Salon of Photography (Digital) 2020PSA 2020-180
FIAP FIAP/2020/240
FIP FIP/2020/012/2020
44/123Lenscript International 2020FIAP 2020/131
PSA 2020-176
FIP 2019/FIP/243/2020
45/1241st Lensnlife National Digital Salon 2020FIP 2020/FIP/018/2020
46/125Seen Shot Society 2nd National Photography Contest 2020FIP 2020/FIP/042/2020
47/1262nd Ora D Fame National Salon 2020FIP 2020/FIP/008/2020
48/127Lens Reflex Photography National Digital Circuit 2020FIP 2020/FIP/071-073/2020
49/128REPLICA National Salon 2020FIP 2020/FIP/075/2020
50/1291st Foto Planet National Digital Salon 2020FIP 2020/FIP/50/2020
51/1304th Murshidabad International Salon 2020FIAP 2020/283
PSA 2020-263
FIP 2020/FIP/041/2020
52/1312nd Photophilics International Salon 2020FIAP 2020/245
FIP 2020/FIP/03/2020
53/132APJ 1st International Salon 2020 (Digital)PSA 2020-278
54/133Photogenic 2020 - 7th MPC National Digital SalonFIP 2020/FIP/121/2020
55/134Pondicherry 1st National Salon - 2020FIP 2020/FIP/127/2020
56/135Artwork International Circuit 2020 (Digital)PSA 2020-217
GPU L200130
57/136CAS Photo Academy International Photo Contest 2020PSA 2020-307
ICS 2020/130
VAR 10/2020
58/137PABEL 4th International Small Print & Digital Salon - BEST CLUBFIAP 2020/221
PSA 2020-197
GPU L-200080-M1G
FIP 2019/FIP/252/2020
59/138PABEL 4th International Small Print & Digital Salon BEST INDIAN CLUBFIAP 2020/221
PSA 2020-197
GPU L-200080-M1G
FIP 2019/FIP/252/2020
60/1392nd Nobel National Circuit 2020FIP 2020/FIP/92-93-94/2020
61/1402nd IVAF National SalonFIP 2020/FIP/114/2020
62/141Amtala International Digital Salon 2020FIAP 2020-390
PSA 2020-318
FIP 2020/FIP/074/2020
63/142Malwa National Salon 2020FIP 2020/FIP/123/2020
64/143Bengal Clickers National Digital Salon 2020FIP 2020/FIP/117/2020
65/144Retro National Salon 2020FIP 2020/FIP/145/2020
66/145FOTOART 2nd National Salon 2020 DigitalFIP 2020/FIP/137/2020
67/146Odesso Photo Exhibition 2020PSA 2020-341
GPU L200138
68/147PHA International Circuit 2020PSA 2020-171
69/148Shutterbug 4th International Salon 2020GPU L200146
ICS 2020/231
MoL 2020/55
ISF 36/2020
FIP 2020/FIP/70/2020
70/1492nd Annapurna International Salon - 2020FIAP 2020/472
GPU L2000172-M1G
IPN 2020/02
71/1502nd Blackhole National Circuit 2020 - PMP Salon ClubFIP 2020/FIP/128-129-130/2020
72/1512nd Blackhole National Circuit 2020 - GreenGo CubFIP 2020/FIP/128-129-130/2020
73/1522nd Blackhole National Circuit 2020 - Pinhole Foto CubFIP 2020/FIP/128-129-130/2020
74/153Trinity Photography Circut - Aperture The Jammu Photography
FIP 2020/FIP/173/2020
75/154Trinity Photography Circut - Retro Kashi Photo Art SocietyFIP 2020/FIP/174/2020
76/155Trinity Photography Circut - Vadodara Art FoundationFIP 2020/FIP/175/2020
77/15652nd Howrah Colour Salon 2020FIAP 2020/045
GPU L200023-M4G
FIP 2019/FIP/169/2020
78/157Photoera National Salon 2020FIP 2020/FIP/156/2020
79/158UNIQ IMAGE 2nd National Salon 2020 DigitalFIP 2020/FIP/165/2020
80/159Autumn Photo Festival CircuitPSA 2020-397
81/160Digital India Circuit 2020PSA 2020-402
GPU L200173-M8G
82/161Optics International Photo ContestPSA 2020-427
FIAP 2020/427
GPU L200149
FIP 2020/FIP/106/2020
83/1621st VPS Salon by Vivid Photography SocietyFIP 2020/FIP/105/2020
84/1631st WPS National Salon 2020FIP 2020/FIP/116/2020
85/164Lens and View International Salon 2020FIAP 2020/426
GPU L200162-M1G
FIP 2020/FIP/111/2020
86/165Tilted Rays National Digital Salon 2020FIP 2020/FIP/115/2020
87/166Tamil Nadu 1st National Salon 2020FIP 2020/FIP/207/2020
88/167Light n Shade 2nd International Salon 2020 digitalFIAP 2020/473
GPU L200156
MoL 2020/58
ICS 2020-132
FIP 2020/FIP/118/2020
ISF 38/20
89/1685th CAMPINA 2020 International Exhibition of PhotographyPSA 2020-339
GPU L200107
ICS 2020-127
90/169F-Stop National Circuit 20202020/FIP/177-178-179/2020
91/1701st Easel International Salon 2020PSA 2020-5426
92/171UFS 2nd National Digital Salon 2020FIP 2020/FIP/162/2020
93/1721st Spectator of Lights National Digital Salon 2020FIP 2020/FIP/248/2020
94/173RGB-2020 International Salon of PhotographyPSA 2020-410
GPU L200125
ICS 2020-129
95/1741st Foto Planet National Circuit 2020FIP 2020/FIP/227-229/2020
96/1757th Pannonia Reflections International SalonFIAP 2020/504
PSA 2020/461
FZS 2020/09
97/1761st TAP National SalonFIP 2020/FIP/122/2020
98/177ALP International Salon 2020FIAP 2020/496
FIP 2020/FIP/151/2020
99/178PHOTOQUEST 2020FIP 2019/FIP/242/2020
100/179QUADRA CIRCUIT 2020FIAP 2020/428-431
PSA 2019-088
GPU L200148
FIP 2020/FIP/101-104/2020
101/180Cross Continental Circuit 2020PSA 2020-477
FIAP 2020/501-503
102/181Beautiful Life 2020FIP 2020/FIP/034/2020
103/182SAP International Bathukamma Floral Festival Photography Contest-2020FIP 2020/FIP/246/2020
104/183Photo Hunters International Circuit 2020PSA 2020-479
105/184Christmas National Salon 2020FIP 2020/FIP/208/2020
106/185Universal Image Circuit 2020PSA 2020-445
GPU L200174-M8G
107/1862nd Photo Addicts National Circuit 2020FIP 2020/FIP/185-187/2020
108/1871st BSP Jalpaiguri National Salon 2020FIP 2020/FIP/217/2020
109/1881st Royal National Circuit 2020FIP 2020/FIP/214-216/2020
110/1895th Sonar Bangla International Salon 2020FIAP 2020/239
PSA 2020-268
FIP 2020/FIP/251/2020
111/1901st ARKA National Salon 2020FIP 2020/FIP/241/2020
112/191First Light International Digital Salon 2020FIAP 2020/527
GPU L200164-M1G
FIP 2020/FIP/157/2020
113/192The Artsy Lens International Circuit 2020PSA 2020-202

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