2021 started with a bang with YPS winning the very first Best Club Award for the year just on the 2nd day of the year. YPS Salon Groups hopes to continue the victory run in 2021 as well.

Best Club Awards in 2021

List of Best Club Awards won in 2021
#LogoSalon NameDetails
1/193Fotopassion 1st International Salon 2020 DigitalFIP 2020/FIP/152/2020
FIAP 2020/542
MoL 2020/61
GPU L200181
2/194Miracle Image 7th International Salon 2021 DigitalFIAP 2021/045
ICS 2021/111
GPU L210035
MoL 2021/20
FIP 2020/FIP/150/2021
3/1951st VPS Circuit 2021FIP 2020/FIP/243-244-245/2021
4/1961st Friend Photographic National Circuit 2021FIP 2020/FIP/194-195-196/2021
5/1971st National Salon of Photographic Club of BangaloreFIP 2020/FIP/250/2021
6/1981st KPC National Photography Salon 2021FIP 2020/FIP/193/2021
7/199Image Solution 1st National Salon 2021FIP 2020/FIP/262/2021
8/200Love for Art International Digital Salon 2021PSA 2021-1056
FIAP 2021/120
FIP 2020/FIP/239/2021
9/201The Queens’ Photo Awards 2020FIP 2020/FIP/264/2020
10/202Pinpoint National Circuit 2021FIP 2020/FIP/267-271/2021
11/203Vibrant Colour National Digital Circuit 2021FIP 2020/FIP/124-125-126/2021
12/204Artwork International Circuit 2021FIAP 2021/099-101
PSA 2021-1164
GPU 2100056
FIP 2020/FIP/251-253/2021
13/2055th ONYX 2021 International Salon of PhotographyPSA 2021-1016
GPU L210007
ICS 2021-133
14/2062nd Foto Planet National Digital Salon 2021FIP 2020/FIP/265/2021
15/207German International Photocup 2021 - Honorable Mention (General Category)PSA 2021-1130
FIAP 2021/057-060
GPU 210024-M16G
16/208German International Photocup 2021 - Medal (Youth Category)PSA 2021-1130
FIAP 2021/057-060
GPU 210024-M16G
17/209Pixel Kolkata Circuit 2021PSA 2021-1043
GPU L210015-M1G
MoL 2021/17/18/19
18/2101st FCS International Salon 2021FIAP 2021/043
PSA 2021-1021
GPU L2100011
FIP 2020/FIP/153/2021
19/211Norwester National Digital Circuit 2021FIP 2020/FIP/257-261/2021
20/2122nd Pinhole National Digital Circuit 2021FIP 2020/FIP/280-282/2021
21/213oztan ozatay memorial awards 2021IAAP 2021/057
PSA 2021-1253
GPU L210061
ISF 19/2021
22/214Photoart 1st International Salon 2021 DigitalFIAP 2021/258
GPU L210093
MOL 2021/64
FIP 2020/FIP/260/2021
23/215Fidelity Circuit 2021PSA 2021-1234
24/216Kolkata Shadowlines National Photography Circuit 20212021/FIP/020-021-022/2021
25/2173rd Indian Viewfinder International Salon 2021FIAP 2021 / 286
GPU L210107
FIP 2021/FIP/109/2021
26/218Pathshala 7th International Salon 2021 DigitalFIAP 2021/191
FIP 2020/FIP/272/2021
ISF 29/2021
ICS 2021/115
GPU L210100
APG 07/2021
MoL 2021/66
27/2191st Belpahari National Salon 2021FIP 2021/FIP/035/2021
28/220IRIS 4th All India Digital Salon 2021FIP 2021/FIP/019/2021
29/22119th PSI International Salon 2021FIAP 2021/237
PSA 2021/1294
ICS 2021/114
FIP 2021/FIP/014/2021
GPU L210081
30/222Cherry Blossoms National Digital Circuit 2021FIP 2020/FIP/190-192/2021
31/223Golden Glow National Salon 2021FIP 2021/FIP/027/2021
32/224Shadow Shoot Circuit 2021PSA 2021-1246
33/225Salamis Photo Awards 2021PSA 2021-1363
GPU L210122-M2G
34/226PSA PTD Interclub Competitions 2020-21 - Group B
35/227PSA ND Interclub Competitions 2020-21 - Group C
36/2281st Golden Hour National Digital Salon 2021FIP 2020/FIP/249/2021
37/229PhotoPhilics 3rd International Salon 2020FIAP 2021/243
PSA 2021-1385
FIP 2021/FIP/011/2021
38/2303rd PLAAPA National Salon 2021FIP 2021/FIP/003/2021
39/231Bengal Summer National Salon 2021FIP 2020/FIP/212/2021
40/232M P Circuit 2021PSA 2021-1296