2021 started with a bang with YPS winning the very first Best Club Award for the year just on the 2nd day of the year. YPS Salon Groups hopes to continue the victory run in 2021 as well.

Best Club Awards in 2021

List of Best Club Awards won in 2021
#LogoSalon NameDetails
1/192Fotopassion 1st International Salon 2020 DigitalFIP 2020/FIP/152/2020
FIAP 2020/542
MoL 2020/61
GPU L200181
2/193Miracle Image 7th International Salon 2021 DigitalFIAP 2021/045
ICS 2021/111
GPU L210035
MoL 2021/20
FIP 2020/FIP/150/2021