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Monthly Meetings of YPS

Road to PSA Distinctions – How Did it Go!

From the initial years of its formation, YPS members traditionally have been following the distinctions offered by FIAP, PSA, and RPS. There were a few members with IIPC distinctions also. Many other photographic bodies have emerged in the later years, including ICS, GPU, IUP, and MoL to name a few. Snice the year 2016, our own country federation FIP also has expanded its portfolio of distinctions. While most of these distinctions are straight forward and many YPS members have achieved them in the last few years, the PSA distinction path appears to be a bit confusing. Hence a ‘YPS Saturday Meet’ session was arranged on the eve of 24 Jul 2021, for the YPS members aspiring to go for PSA distinctions. Here’s a brief report on the session…

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Exemplary Wildlife Week 2020

Wildlife Week Oct 2 – Oct 8, 2020

YPS just concluded the Wildlife Week celebration for 2020. Despite the continuing pandemic situation, the spirits of Wildlife enthusiasts were kept by the excellent presentations on wildlife every day from October 2nd to October 8th. Over 200 photographers, members, supporters and non-members attended the webinars broadcasted through Facebook Live and Youtube Live.

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Youth Photographic Society has been well known for its Wildlife Photographers right from the days its inception in 1971. YPS Celebrates Wildlife Week every year with an exhibition. Given the current conditions, this year we will celebrate Wildlife Week with delightful webinars featuring wildlife photography experts. Each photographer will focus on different aspects of wildlife covering different places and topics.

The Webinar series is open to all and is available through Facebook Live as well as Youtube Live.

To get notified of YPS Webinars,

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3D Photography – An Extraordinary Presentation by Mr. Nanda Kumar

Youth Photographic Society in its pursuit to enrich knowledge of its members in the field of photography organised a unique presentation on 19th January 2019 evening by Shri.Nanda Kumar on 3D Photography, who is a self taught person and has created 3D photographs by developing his own camera set up and technique.

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