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YPS Newsletter May 2017

From Editor’s Desk

The major activity during April was to take our actions for paying Tribute to Shri. TNA Perumal to conclusion. The submission of entries to the Tribute to TNA Perumal contest was closed on April 20th. In all 1343 pictures were uploaded by 141 enthusiasts. Open judging was held at YPS on April 22nd. It was a great occasion to see all the judges at the venue, most of whom stayed on till the end of the day.

The final step in our efforts was to hold a solo exhibition-cum-sale of Shri. TNA Perumal’s pictures, the proceeds from which went to the family of Shri. TNA Perumal. The Exhibition was inaugurated on April 28th by Shri. K N Shantha Kumar, Chief Editor, Prajavani and by Shr. M N Jayakumar, Retired Chief PCCF. The exhibition was kept open for public till April 30th. The event was made possible by contributions from M/s. Sandur Manganese & Iron Ores Ltd. and M/s. Prism Giclee Prints. Many have contributed money to the well being of Shri. TNA Perumal’s family.

Also on display at the exhibition were the award winning images from the contest. Please check YPS Website for a complete account of YPS efforts to pay a fitting tribute to Shri. TNA Perumal.

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YPS Newsletter April 2017

From Editor’s Desk

The summer has already started and it is predicted that this year it will be too hot. As YPS members are all nature lovers, we request you to put up some bowl of water in your terrace for the birds and small animals. This will provide them a great relief. These summer months, most of the places will be dry and hence, we are not seeing much of insects and butterflies during our outings.

As YPS Hall on Nrupathunga road is difficult to reach, we made alternate arrangements to hold the programmes for April at Venkatappa Art Gallery. Please note that the programs will be on SUNDAYs and will start at 5:30PM instead of 6:30PM.

Membership of all Individual Members who joined before October have expired on March 31st. Thanks to all those who have renewed. Members who have not renewed can renew till April 30th after which membership will cease. Payment for renewal is online and easy. Please renew at the earliest.

All members are cordially invited to the TNA Perumal Judging and Exhbition. Please find program details below and on the website.

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YPS Newsletter March 2017

From Editor’s Desk

February was a hectic month with lots of activities. But it was a month that will refuse to go away from our memory for a long time. Sri. TNA Perumal, mentor for many and a living legend passed away on February 8th. Many of the YPS Members and senior photographers visited his home to pay homage to Shri. Perumal. YPS also held a meeting on February 18th to pay tributes to this great master. Many senior professionals participated in the program and shared their experiences. Shri. Perumal’s son Shri. Jayakumar and Shri. Perumal’s close associate, Shri. Nicky Cruze also joined us during the session. We all paid homage to Shri. Perumal with flowers. This is one loss, which the photographic fraternity cannot bear. We at YPS pray to God to rest him in peace.

YPS has also announced a Photo Contest and exhibition in memory of Shri. TNA Perumal. The Contest will have four sections, viz., Birds, Butterflies, Wildlife and Monochrome all of which are close to the heart of Shri. Perumal. Check for participation. Last date for participation is April 15th.

The women power continued and we had excellent presentations by Smt. Prema Kakade and Ms. Hema Narayan. And this continues into March. Continue reading YPS Newsletter March 2017

YPS Newsletter Jan 2017

From Editor’s Desk


This is a good time to take a look back at the progress made by YPS during 2016.  YPS was on a roll ever since the new committee was elected and the program for the year was kicked off during the inauguration event held on May 22nd, 2016. YPS Executive Committee is overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and support from members. Here is a quick view of what we have achieved together in 2016: Continue reading YPS Newsletter Jan 2017

YPS Newletter December 2016

From Editor’s Desk

Wishing you all Merry Christmas !

Friends, we are fast approaching new year 2017. We must Introspect our achievements during this year, which is most appropriate. Ever since the new committee took over in April, we have come a long way and have done lot of notable programmes, conducted workshops and importantly held a National Salon. It is a great task and I thank all the committee members for giving their best support.  We must work hard, with selfless motives and whole heartedly put efforts to see our YPS flag fly high in the international arena. Let us work towards it.

Some young and enthusiastic members have come forward to help us from outside the committee and it is a good sign, that many want to make YPS great.

We are having many workshops for our members, giving great opportunities to learn and to meet many experts in the field of photography.  Never miss the opportunities. It is for you people that we are striving hard to give better and better programmes. Continue reading YPS Newletter December 2016

YPS Newsletter November 2016

From Editor’s Desk

Dear Members, It is a moment of great satisfaction and happiness for all us, that we are back to our old premises at 3rd floor, TT hall, State Youth Centre, Nrupathanga Road, Bangalore. Recently, as requested by the Director of State Youth Services, we vacated the Kanteerava stadium hall and shifted to the larger hall in State Youth Centre. Henceforth, all our programmes will be held in this 300 seating capacity hall. No more standing outside. The YPS Programs can now reach a larger audience. I thank all the Executive Committee members who have helped in shifting and re-arranging at SYC. Continue reading YPS Newsletter November 2016

YPS Newsletter October 2016


From Editor’s Desk

IMGP8627 Satish and BaronetSeptember was full of actions and programs. A hectic month for the ever energetic team to organize things. In fact, we have become more prone to urgent meetings and working on tight schedules. A 9-member team went to Jaisalmer for desert photography workshop and came out with loads of colorful fantastic images. Five of them traveled further to the popular National parks and have captured some interesting images of the wildlife of Rajasthan. A session on this experience will be arranged in the near future. While half of the committee members were busy shooting in Rajasthan, our mercury-like member Mr. Vikas was busy arranging a Photography Contest on ‘Karnataka’ with the Department of Karnataka Tourism. We are privileged to have been associated with the Department of Karnataka Tourism and remarkably the contest and exhibition was completed within an extremely short span of one week!! Pooh! Hats off to Mr. Murali Santhanam, who created a separate website overnight for the contest and published the details instantly in both YPS and Karnataka Tourism websites. YPS also got very good publicity in the media. Thanks to Murali and Vikas for their excellent work in this regard. The Minister for Tourism, Sri. Priyank Kharge and the Director of Tourism Dr. N. Manjula, both appreciated the pictures and the work done by YPS. Sri. T. Kempanna, Sri. Giri Cavale and Dr. Manoj C. Sindhagi were the judges. Thanks to all for the cooperation and support.

Friends, keep yourself free for all the programs scheduled for the month of October 2016, as we have lots of them, to keep you busy and improve learning. If you really want to gain knowledge and inspiration in the ‘Art of Photography’, don’t miss any of these! Since we celebrate NAVARATHRI festival – feast for your stomach with “Habbada oota” and feast your EYES at YPS, through presentations.


September 2016 Events

Event Details Event Report
Travel Photography by Murali Santhanam Marvellous Moscow
Himalayan Views by Arjun Haarith Traveller Terrific

October 2016 Events

Date Venue YPS Event
Oct 2 Venkatappa Art Gallery YPS Meet : Wildlife Week Celebration
Oct 15 & 16 JP Nagar Cultural Association YPS Salon : Open Judging 34th YPS All India Salon
Oct 17 JP Nagar Cultural Association Workshop on Portraits with Umbrella Lighting for YPS Members

World Tourism Day Digital Photo Contest 2016

During September 2016, YPS hosted a Digital Photo Contest to commemorate World Tourism Day on behalf of Department of Tourism, Government of Karnataka. Hearty Congratulations to all YPS Members who participated in the contest. Special congratulations to the YPS members who won awards and certificates of merit in the contest. Please read the report on how the Contest happened and the outcomes.

Karnataka Heritage Category
  • Certificate of Merit – “Surrender” by Sudheendra KP (LM-232)
  • Certificate of Merit – “Virupaksha Temple at night” by Arjun Haarith (IM-0127)
  • Certificate of Merit – “Culture and Tradition” by Srinivas K S (LM-138), AFIAP
  • Certificate of Merit – “Dasara Doll Palace” by Anitha Mysore (IM-0017)
  • Certificate of Merit – “Yakshagana Folk Art” by Rajaram Kilar Subbarao (LM-010), AFIAP
Karnataka Nature Category
  • 2nd Prize – “Red Munia with Peacock Feather” by Martin KP (LM-204), AFIP, AICS
  • Certificate of Merit – “Tiger dragging the kill” by Sathyanarayana Chintalapalle (LM-098), EFIAP, ARPS, FICS, HON.FPSG
  • Certificate of Merit – “Red Bug with Baby Bugs” by Ramu M (LM-223), EFIAP, ARPS

Member Success

1. Dr. M D Minajigi – Photographic Society America (USA)  Print of the month Contest – A) First Place, B) third place, C) honorary Mentions (HM)-5


YPS Newsletter September 2016


From Editor’s Desk

IMGP8627 Satish and Baronet

The month of August being, Shraavana masa, an auspicious month for Hindus, was also auspicious for photographers as well, due to World Photography Day celebrated very grandly on 20th and 21st August 2016.

We are also having fantastic programmes for all of you enthusiastic members with a variety of workshops and outings. When YPS was in bad shape for some time, members were complaining of lack of programmes, workshops and activities. Now the present committee is striving hard to organize quality programmes for the benefit of its members. It is for you to utilize it properly and attend these programmes to gain photographic knowledge. There are immense learning opportunities for all of you.

An 8-member group is attending Desert Photography Workshop at Jaisalmer from 8th to 17th Sept 2016. Those who have missed don’t get disheartened since there is another opportunity waiting for you. The Federation of Indian Photography Convention is scheduled for 9 to 11 December 2016 in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Check their website and plan well in advance to assure your participation. Website:

YPS Newsletter goes digital

From September 2016, everyone who have subscribed to emails on YPS will be getting an email to download the Newsletter. By default all members are subscribed to YPS emails. If you are not receiving emails, please send a request through Contact Us page. Henceforth printed Newsletter will be posted only to YPS Members who have requested for printed Newsletters. YPS Members who want to receive YPS Newsletters by post are requested to send an SMS to H Satish (9448687595) or to Vikas Sastry ( 9945657175) with the message “I want to receive YPS Newsletter by post – Name, YPS Membership Number” on or before September 17th.

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YPS Newsletter August 2016


From Editor’s Desk

IMGP8627 Satish and BaronetOhh! Exhausted. The month of July was full of activities and activities. It shows members were thirsty for the programmes for the past 3 years. All our YPS shows are fully booked and doing very well than … KABALIDA !! Friends, it is all for you and we can do anything for the upliftment of our society. The month started with PPT presentations, Macro outings, Basic courses and new learning in Photojournalism. I am trying hard to get experts from different fields of photography to guide our members, with their talks and presentations. I want to see our members showcase their work in YPS gallery,  Please make use of it.


I request you all to make World Photography Day Exhibition a grand success. Give your best 4 images on either landscape or cityscape (max 12×18 inches prints) before 15th August. Let us celebrate by honouring the precious Gems of our society. Please attend without fail.

For any photography club, a photographic salon is a big event. After a lapse of 4 years, we will be organizing the 34th All India Photography Salon during October 2016. Log on to our website for details.

Friend we hope you will guide us and encourage us in the coming months. Without you YPS cannot function. Now it is time to celebrate SHRAVANA masa in a grand way !!

YPS Corporate Membership has been renewed with FIP.

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