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    October 1st is the birthday of Dr. Joseph George, who started the group birdwatching effort in Bangalore.

    Birdwatchers in Bangalore, supported by BngBirds and EcoEdu, have been celebrating this day as the ‘Bengaluru Bird Day’ each year and commemorating it with the Dr. Joseph George Memorial Talk. This year’s memorial talk is titled,

    “From Birdwatching to Nature Walks” by Karthikeyan S.

    What began with birdwatching in city in the last millennium has quickly metamorphosed into a more holistic admiration of biodiversity around us. Several people have been instrumental in beginning and sustaining this group activity, in a bid to introduce us to the fascinating world around, Dr. Joseph George being a key player in this story. This talk takes a peep into changing trends in appreciating nature in the garden city of Bangalore. The speaker reminisces yesteryears, spanning the last four decades, through the lens of his personal journey.

    This year, we will be celebrating the bird day as a full-day event – with walks, talks and workshops by invited speakers and facilitators. We have a walk in the morning for school children at Cubbon Park, which can be attended by others interested in guiding the kids as well.


    Experiences with Bird Baths by Shubha Bhat
    Identifying Difficult Bird Groups by Ramit Singal
    Birder on the Road by Shashank Dalvi


    I Searched Online and Found Nothing Useful, hands-on workshop on Wikipedia by Shyamal L.
    Birds in a Sketchbook, hands-on sketching workshop by Sangeetha Kadur and Shilpa Shree P.

    Participants are requested to bring their own laptops, Internet hotspots, and sketching material for the workshops.

    Please visit for details and to register for the event.

    Entry is free and on a first-come-first-served basis.
    Registration is required to attend this event.
    Preference is for individuals over blocks of students, right now, due to limited seating.
    The memorial talk in the evening will be an open house event, with no seat reservations.

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