Member Photo Appreciation April 2017

YPS Meet | Apr 2 | Sun | 5:30 PM | Venkatappa Art Gallery

It has been a while since, YPS held a Member Photo Appreciation program. The last one was held n July 2016. Even though, as per YPS practice, there have been one or two 5th Saturdays between July 2016 and now, they have been occupied with other useful member events. Hence we had decided to start April 2017 with a Member Photo Appreciation program. Continue reading Member Photo Appreciation April 2017

Rewards and Challenges of Travel Writing & Photography

YPS Meet | Mar 18, Sat | 6:30 PM | State Youth Centre 3rd Floor
Ms. Susheela Nair
Food, Travel & Lifestyle Writer & Photographer
Director, Essen Communications

YPS Life Member

After a stint with the mainstream and niche media, Ms. Susheela Nair became an Independent  Food, Travel, Lifestyle Writer and Photographer who has contributed content, articles and pictures on food, travel, lifestyle, photography, environment and ecotourism to more than 30 reputed national publications. She has also contributed a wide spectrum of content like Travel Portals & Guide Books, Brochures and Coffee Table books.

Due to non-availability of alternate venues, we are compelled to hold the program at YPS Hall, State Youth Centre, Nrupathanga Road. Please check YPS Website for Instructions to reach YPS. Continue reading Rewards and Challenges of Travel Writing & Photography

Reaching YPS at State Youth Centre

Nrupathanka Road is closed for the next two months for major maintenance and beautification. Because of this vehicles are not allowed on this road.  To facilitate easy attendance to YPS programs, the Executive Committee has made arrangements at alternate venues for some of the upcoming programs. Please check the YPS Website for the venue information for each event before starting.

However, due to non-availability of venues, some of the programs will continue to be held in the YPS Hall at the 3rd Floor of State Youth Centre. YPS can still be reached in one of the following ways:

  • On foot from KR Circle
  • By two wheeler/car through the back road that connects to Cubbon Park. The only way to access this road is from KR Circle through the road leading to Cubbon Park. This is now an one-way from KR Circle. Please take the first exit on this road and drive through the back side of PWD office to reach State Youth Centre. See the map below showing directions.

We deeply regret the inconvenience caused. Please reach out to any of the Executive Committee Members if you face challenges.

YPS Newsletter March 2017

From Editor’s Desk

February was a hectic month with lots of activities. But it was a month that will refuse to go away from our memory for a long time. Sri. TNA Perumal, mentor for many and a living legend passed away on February 8th. Many of the YPS Members and senior photographers visited his home to pay homage to Shri. Perumal. YPS also held a meeting on February 18th to pay tributes to this great master. Many senior professionals participated in the program and shared their experiences. Shri. Perumal’s son Shri. Jayakumar and Shri. Perumal’s close associate, Shri. Nicky Cruze also joined us during the session. We all paid homage to Shri. Perumal with flowers. This is one loss, which the photographic fraternity cannot bear. We at YPS pray to God to rest him in peace.

YPS has also announced a Photo Contest and exhibition in memory of Shri. TNA Perumal. The Contest will have four sections, viz., Birds, Butterflies, Wildlife and Monochrome all of which are close to the heart of Shri. Perumal. Check for participation. Last date for participation is April 15th.

The women power continued and we had excellent presentations by Smt. Prema Kakade and Ms. Hema Narayan. And this continues into March. Continue reading YPS Newsletter March 2017

Karnataka Tourism Photo Contest Mar 2017 – Temples of Karnataka

National Salon | Photo Contest | Last Day Mar 31

YPS is pleased to announce Karnataka Tourism Photo Contest for March 2017. The theme for March 2017 is “Temples of Karnataka”. Temples are places of Worship and Worship transcends Religions. They attract people from all over the world and present our culture. Karnataka is the home of thousands of temples that have stood the test of time and are still being used for worship. Present the best of Temples, Churches, Mosques, Gurudwaras, Monasteries and shrines of other religions demonstrating their architecture, festivities and emotions.

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