Water Drops Photography by Sudhakar G

YPS Meet | Dec 3 | 6:30 PM | State Youth Centre

Ever wondered what happens when a drop of water hits a surface of water. If you have not noticed anything except some drops splashing around, you are not alone. It is difficult to see what is happening because it happens so quickly that your eyes cannot see it happening. Well you are seeing one of the many possible Water Sculptures that a drop of water can create. Continue reading Water Drops Photography by Sudhakar G

YPS Newletter December 2016

From Editor’s Desk

Wishing you all Merry Christmas !

Friends, we are fast approaching new year 2017. We must Introspect our achievements during this year, which is most appropriate. Ever since the new committee took over in April, we have come a long way and have done lot of notable programmes, conducted workshops and importantly held a National Salon. It is a great task and I thank all the committee members for giving their best support.  We must work hard, with selfless motives and whole heartedly put efforts to see our YPS flag fly high in the international arena. Let us work towards it.

Some young and enthusiastic members have come forward to help us from outside the committee and it is a good sign, that many want to make YPS great.

We are having many workshops for our members, giving great opportunities to learn and to meet many experts in the field of photography.  Never miss the opportunities. It is for you people that we are striving hard to give better and better programmes. Continue reading YPS Newletter December 2016

34th Salon concludes in a grand way

YPS Event | National Salon | Inaugural Function | Nov 17 | Venkatappa At Gallery

The 34th YPS All India Salon of Digital Photography 2016 Exhibition was inaugurated by the famous Film Actor Dr. Srinath and was presided over by Dr. M.S. Muthy, President, Lalitha Kala Academy. The function commenced on time and at 5-30pm, Dr. Srinath inaugurated the Photo exhibition.  Award winning images from the Salon were showcased at the Exhibition for three days from November 17th to 20th. Continue reading 34th Salon concludes in a grand way

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