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YPS Meet | April 21 | State Youth Centre

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YPS is proud to have many members with International Distinctions, which speaks volumes of their achievements in Photography. These distinctions were awarded by many famous international bodies like FIAP, ICS, PSA and RPS in recognition of the phtography work done by these people. YPS feels that every member is capable of achieving such distinctions, and one day we can proudly declare that all our members are distinction holders. Keeping this in mind, on 21st April 2018, YPS organized a program to create awareness about Salons, to stress on the importance of participating in Salons, to educate members on how to achieve these distinctions.

The presentation was by none other than Shri. H. Satish, MFIAP, MICS, ARPS, Hon. YPS, Hon. ECPA, Hon. FICS, President of YPS. It feels so good to have such suffixes after our names. But when we learned from Satish that one must accumulate 250 acceptances even for applying for EFIAP, everyone understood the amount of focus and perseverance required to achieve these distinctions.

Shri.Satish, started the session by explaining what a ‘Salon’ is, a French word meaning ‘Exhibition of Art Work’. He went on to explain how ‘Salons’ came into being for exhibiting art work, mainly paintings, by various artists worldwide to showcase their works to art lovers spread across the globe. This concept of holding exhibition to showcase works of art was adopted by the photographic community and they started organizing ‘Photography Salons’. He spoke about the advantages of participating in Salons.

  • Salons enable one to get wider audience across the globe.
  • They facilitate the photographer to benchmark against other photographers in the world
  • In the process, photographer hones his skills to make better and better pictures.
  • Help build international reputation.
  • Enables one to earn the privilege of becoming a jury in those Salons.

Satish has understood and learned from his experience that participation in Salons ignites the competitive spirit in us and make us successful. He also gave an example of how people from far off places whom he had not met at all identified him with his works and remarked that they have seen his pictures and recognized him as their author.

At this juncture, Shri.Satish remembered Shri.E.Hanumantha Rao with all respect, from whom he learnt about participating in Salons. Satish also remembered the moment when he was so delighted on his picture getting exhibited in China way back in 1986. I am sure, by his impressive message about participating in Salons, Shri. Satish has for sure created interest among the members to go ahead and start entering Salons.

Then, he went on to explain the nuances of participating in Salons, like,

  • going through the Entry Forms to understand the requirements of the Salon viz. Dates for submission, Sections, Size of the images to be submitted, Mode of payment of fees etc.,
  • need for preparation before submitting the entries and in selecting the best images relevant to the sections opted for submission,
  • resizing the pictures as per the prescribed conditions and adhering to the same both in case of digital and print sections, and,
  • proper presentation of images so as to make it interesting and attractive to the jury panel.

He impressed upon on everyone to strictly adhere to the terms and conditions notified by the Salon organisers to ensure that the entries do not get rejected for frivolous reasons like, the images contains border whereas it was notified that no borders should be there or the size of the picture is smaller than the notified size etc. In the case of Print submissions, he stressed that the prints must be properly packed while sending to avoid any damage before it reaches the salon organizers and also to ensure that it reaches well before the due dates.

The presentation by Shri.Satish was so detailed that am sure, each one of us present got enlightened on how to participate in Salons, which ultimately will help us in achieving success. He also displayed pictures which are good for submission in the Salons and also explained the reasons. This was really an eye opener for many as it gave a clear idea as to what kind of pictures can be submitted in Salons.

After, sharing knowledge along with his tips about Salons, he moved on to elaborate about applying and getting distinctions. He gave a brief about various distinctions like ‘Associateship’, ‘Excellence’, ‘Fellowship’, ‘Master’ etc., awarded by India’s apex body viz. Federation of Indian Photography and other international organizations like “Royal Photographic Society, London“, “Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique, Luxembourg“, “Photographic Society of America, Okolahoma, USA“, “Image Colleague Society, California, USA” etc. The detailed criteria for applying for the distinctions were also elaborately explained by engaging the audience in a lively inter-active session, and all the questions and doubts one had about the distinctions were answered. He also explained that many times while applying for the distinctions, one has to submit a portfolio of images under selected category only and how important is to select appropriate images and to present them in a particular fashion as specified by the respective organizations. In order to give better understanding of this aspect, he presented portfolio of images used by the members Shri. Prasanna Venkatesh Gubbi, Shri. Vinayak Seetharam, Shri. Krishna Bhat and Shri. Digwas Bellemane for obtaining distinctions of ARPS/AFIAP.

Also, Shri.Satish displayed his set of 25 images submitted to Image Colleague Society, California, when he applied for Master’s Distinction (MICS). The presentation was an eye opener for many and gave an idea about how difficult it is to climb the ladder of distinctions. Am sure that, with the information Shri. Satish provided through his presentation about distinctions, the perspective with which we see a person holding distinctions gets drastically changed and will start respecting him with greater respect.

To summarize, the presentation by Shri. Satish gave insights into the world of Photography Salons and Distinctions one can achieve to become an admirable photographer. Members present had a real enriching session and am sure everyone would have gone home with lots of admiration about the photographic journey of Shri. Satish, and also with thoughts of trying to emulate him to some extent and to achieve a minimum of one distinction in the near future. Wishing good luck to everyone in their journey, YPS looks forward to come out with more such informative sessions in order to nurture the talents of photography in the coming days.

Thank you Satish, for a wonderful session and also to all the members who made it to the program and made it a grand success.


You can flip-through his presentation. Please send any questions to contactus@ypsbengaluru.com.



Report by Shri. Girish Ananthamurthy, Director, YPS.