Prints and more….

YPS Saturday Meet | Apr 01, Sat | 5:00 PM IST | State Youth Center

In this day of Digital Photography, have you ever wondered about Printed Pictures… the significance, importance, feel, texture and technicality of printing your image? 

Satish will be covering the A to Z of printing pictures with his prints on display.

Many photo artists are content with a small file size of images but there is more to it. Prints are the final word for any photo artist who wants to pursue photography as a hobby or a profession. In fact, prints and coffee-table books give the pleasure of seeing pictures with their originality and also bring back memories. It is a matter of pride for a photographer when he/she can convey his/her thoughts, feelings and mood through the photo frames displayed at offices, homes or hotels. A camera artist gets hooked to the art and the same happens with printing coffee-table books or prints of pictures captured. Printing is the best way of communicating and showcasing one’s masterpieces. There is not a single day in life, one doesn’t see a photograph printed, be it in newspapers, magazines, hoardings, books, pamphlets, booklets, wallpapers, decorated walls and on any other medium. 

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YPS Open House 01-23

YPS Open House | 18 Mar, Sat | 6:30 PM | State Youth Centre

Welcome to the next edition of Open House. Let us meet at ‘State Youth Centre’ to discuss images created by participants of Bharatpur Workshop.

YPS Open House, is a free format discussion program aiming to achieve the following objectives:

  • To build stronger bonding,
  • To clarify doubts that have remained in the corner of the mind for too long,
  • To provide guidance on matters relevant to photography,
  • To learn and to share

My Actions

  1. Resize the selected images (15 in number and resolution as; maximum 1920 pixels width and maximum 1200 pixels height).
  2. Copy images on a virus-free pen-drive and bring to the venue.
  3. Request to bring processed images and not raw.

Reach the venue on time and be prepared to stay till the end of the session.


YPS Saturday Meet | Mar 11, Sat | 5.30 PM | S3 E2 | Google Meet

“An image is made”,  said a wise man once. The wise man Pratap will show us the nuts and bolts of planning involved to “make an image” and share his immense knowledge and experience with us.

With the tools offered by the Internet today, one can actually scout a location and plan an image that one had visualized. He will walk us through various tools and how to plan an image with an actual case study.

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