Photography. Reimagined

YPS Meet Live | S2 E17 | Oct 24, Sun | 5:30 PM | Online

‘Time, Tide & Technology wait for none’.

As we know, Camera & Lens technology is surging ahead at an incredible speed.
The DSLRs and their lenses, with older technology are bulky, heavy and very expensive.
It’s a Quest for every photographer to own a camera that has the latest technology & features but one which is also convenient to use. Imagine combining such a camera with a high quality lens that has an expansive focal length range. This combination can be used to capture pictures in almost all genres of photography. Such a camera & lens combination sure does exists. Today, one can own this stellar package at an affordable price.

This presentation will be about THAT marvellous package.

‘Travel light, be inconspicuous & yet shoot spectacular images’ should be the new mantra for the next gen photographer!

Watch the trailer!

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Ladakh – A Traveller’s Paradise

YPS Meet | Oct 23, Saturday  | 6:00 PM | YPS Hall

Travel – The destination of a photographer!  Mr Saurabh Chatterjee is a person bitten by the travel bug, combined with passion for photography and a zeal to teach! His dream is to see India and make every camera owner a great photographer. If your dreams are the same, the SYC Meet at YPS Hall is the perfect opportunity to interact with him, see his work and learn from him.

Note: Limited to 50 Seats. First-come-first-serve basis. Registration link inside(below).

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The Golden Hour – YPS ನೆನಪುಗಳು – 9

YPS Golden Hour | Oct 17, Sun | 5:30 PM | Online

As you all know that YPS is in its 50 years of existence and as a part of the Golden Jubilee Celebration this Sunday 17 Oct 2021, we are coming up with YPS Nenapugalu, Trip Down The Memory Lane.

This will be a unique program where our Vice President, Shri. S Chandrashekar and our Secretary Shri. ManjuVikas Sastry V will be in conversation with three Sr. Members Manu N, Krishnamurthy P S, Suryaprakash K A and Harinarayana G to delve into the Sr. Members Nenapugalu (Memories) since 1971.

Don’t miss catching up on the history of YPS.

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