About YPS


Photography in the Nineteen-sixties was a relatively unknown art form in the Southern States of India.  The year 1971 opened up an opportunity in Bangalore, when a few young photography enthusiasts came in contact with Mr Vijay, the then Director of Youth Services, Govt of Mysore.    The time was ripe for Bangalore to get its first photography hobby group.  Under the guidance of Mr Vijay, Youth Photographic Society (YPS) was established in September 1971  under the patronage of the Department of Youth Services & Sports, Government of Mysore. The society was registered in 1972 and another Director of Youth Services Mr Joginder Singh too bestowed all possible help to the society.

Over the years, YPS has grown to be one of the most prestigious and active photography clubs in India. Having entered the Golden Jubilee year in 2021, the society presently has over 300 Life Members, 400 Individual Members and 26 Junior Associates from all over the country. YPS has the highest number of International Distinction holders (150+) and its members have made a mark in the international photography arena by winning multiple awards with their sustained efforts.

Stalwarts in art photography, Late Dr G Thomas FPSA, FRPS, Hon.YPS, Late Mr C Rajagopal MFIAP, FRPS, FPSA, Hon.YPS and Late Mr E Hanumantha Rao AFIAP,  Hon.YPS closely guided the growth of YPS along with highly applauded photo-artists like Mr T N A Perumal, FRPS, MFIAP, Hon.YPS, Mr B Srinivasa FRPS, MFIAP, Hon.YPS, Mr M S Hebbar, AFIAP, Hon.YPS, and Mr H Satish D.cine, MFIAP, MICS, ARPS, PPSA, cMoL, GPA.PESGSPC .. Should we add a Sentence about Murali Sir here.???

Two Conventions of the Federation of Indian Photography (FIP) were hosted by YPS in 1985 and 1995.  It also organized the 15th Nature Biennial World Cup 2010 of Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique (FIAP) in collaboration with FIP.  The club also got an opportunity to collaborate with FIP to host the 17th FIAP Nature Biennial for the second time in 2014. In March 2024, YPS hosted the 31st FIP Convention in Mysuru which had a total of more than 200 participants with 165 plus delegates.  This Convention was very successful setting a benchmark for any upcoming Conventions.

YPS has been actively organizing programs, workshops and presentations in various aspects of photography. The club has revolutionized the way member exhibitions are held with photography exhibitions such as ‘Frames’, ‘Best of the Best’ and ‘FotoFantasy’, seeing an unprecedented footfall of hundreds and interactive participation by visitors. The club has been very active even during the pandemic by conducting regular member meets and webinars by experts not only for its members but also for other photo enthusiasts and these have become very popular.  

The bi-monthly journal Dṛṣṭi, with informative articles and high-quality photographs, has not only been winning hearts all over but has won the Honorable mention and 3 top awards in the Photographic Society of America (PSA) inter-club newsletter contest 2021 and 3 more awards in 2022.

Henry Arthur Award for drsti to be added

YPS has the distinction of having organized 41 National and 14 International salons (Exhibitions). The YPS All India Salon 2021 created a National Record with 13,321 pictures submitted by 1,039 Authors. The YPS International Salon 2021 also saw a record of 17,451 pictures submitted by 1,276 Authors. As part of the Golden Jubilee celebrations, both these salons were free for participation.  YPS salons are the most sought after by Indian and International participants on account of their professionalism, transparency and carefully choreographed exhibitions of prints. YPS is also perhaps the first club to hold Virtual Exhibitions in the wake of the pandemic in 2020. All YPS salons are known for their open judging process that can be witnessed live (and webcast during the pandemic)   by any participant or photography enthusiast. This is a unique feature that has helped many photo artists improve their works.

Since 2018,  YPS has won a staggering 350 plus Best Club Awards from National and International Salons from around the world. In short, YPS has set a great example of what a Photography Club can achieve by active participation, belonging and contribution by members, to take the club to great heights.

YPS has adopted new technologies and has a well-designed website (ypsbengaluru.com) and has its own state-of-the-art salon management software.   Thus, the society has not only set new benchmarks for other photography clubs to emulate but also constantly strives to keep raising its own bar. It also strives to serve as a major source of information, education and inspiration to photography art enthusiasts.