YPS Macro Group

  • Photo outings for macro shoots.
  • Exchange knowledge through group activities.
  • Interested Members can join the YPS Macro Group and take part in the activities.

The Macro Participation Group

The Macro Participation Subcommittee is led by Mr. S Chandrashekar and supported by Mr. Hayath Mohammed, Mr. Ananth Kamat, Mr. Nandan Hegde, AFIAP, cMoL, AFIP and Mr. Rakesh V C


S Chandrashekar Portrait Picture

S Chandrashekar


Chandrashekar, joined YPS in 1986 When he visited one of the YPS Photography Exhibitions held at Venkattapa Art Gallery. At the exhibition he met Mr.H. Satish, Mr.M.S. Hebbar and later he got acquainted with other senior members like Mr.K.S. Rajaram, Mr.A.K. Raju who influenced him to take up Photography as a hobby and got into serious amateur photography activities, He has participated in several national and international salons, won awards and certificates of merit. He also got his AFIAP distinction in the year 1993.

He has served YPS as the treasurer during 2016-2018 and during 2018-2020, when he was re-elected to the executive committee. Earlier during 1990, he was the joint secretary, in 1991, secretary and in 1996, a director of YPS. He had worked in the YPS national salon organizing team as a member in 1992 and as secretary in 1996. YPS honoured him with the Service Award. Chandrashekar is also leading the YPS Macro Photography

He also loves to shoot on his mobile and his “Haagesummane” images from Lalbagh has been featured in YPS Dristi Journal

IG: https://www.instagram.com/scshekar9/


  • Mr. Hayath Mohammed
  • Mr. Ananth Kamat

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