YPS Street Photography Group

  • Street walks for Street Photography.
  • Exchange knowledge through group activities.
  • Interested Members can join the YPS Street Photography Group and take part in the activities.

The Street Photography Participation Group

The Street Photography Participation Subcommittee is led by Mr. Yogesh Mokashi and supported by Mr. Srinath Narayan and Mr. Subash Rao.


Yogesh Mokashi


Yogesh is a serial entrepreneur based in Bangalore. He founded the city based diner chain ” the egg factory” .
He took to every trend that middle aged men take to, golf, running, hiking and photography. It looks like photography might stick.
He loves to travel and travels for both photography and with family. He has perfected the art of balancing family holidays with photography, often coming back from a holiday needing a vacation .

IG: https://www.instagram.com/y.mokashi/


  • Mr. Srinath Narayan
  • Mr. Subash Rao

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