all about salon participation by KRISHNA BHAT

Report on YPS Meet held on Feb 08, 2020 at Venkatappa Art Gallery

If you are a regular Salon Participant interested in achieving International Recognitions, here is a nice Rodmap designed by Shri. Krishna Bhat, Mentor, YPS Salon Group that he presented at the above YPS Meet.


YPS has won over 85 Best Club Awards in the last two years, in various National as well as International Salons both from India and abroad, as a result of our member’s astounding performance in the field of art photography.  However, there is much more that can be achieved if knowledge about Salon participation is imparted to members who are new to YPS and pursuing art photography with lot of zeal to achieve. This in mind, YPS recently organised a presentation by Shri.Krishna Bhat, EFIAP/b, EFIP, PPSA, cMOL on 8th February 2020.


Mr. Krishna Bhat, a Scientist by profession in the field of aeronautics is passionate Fine Art Travel Photographer. The Himalayas and the Western Ghats are his favourite outdoors. He likes shooting landscapes, culture, people and macros.   Apart from being an excellent photographer, he has minutely studied the nuances of Salon participation, its requirements, along with the accolades that can be achieved in the form of distinctions awarded by various photographic bodies across the globe.  He gave a very comprehensive and informative talk on the Salon participation and Distinctions during his presentation. The presentation started with the explanation of meaning of ‘Salon’, purpose for which it is held, advantages of participation in salons and gave details of various photographic bodies under whose patronage the salons are held across the world.  The presentation was very useful especially for a newcomer who has just begun or planning to start salon participation.  The minute details like preparing portfolio of images under various categories, selecting the images, properly resizing as per the requirements of individual salons, colour profile to be used etc., were nicely explained in simple terms.  He made the audience understand distinction of various sections open for participation and what type of images can be submited in what section. The session had good interaction as well for the benefit of one and all present.  Even the regular salon participants had points to be learnt. 

He covered extensively on various Distinctions offered by FIAP, PSA, RPS, FIP and other bodies, that can be achieved.   He distinguished various types of distinctions offered like, performance based (i.e AFIP, AFIAP, PPSA, etc.), portfolio based (i.e.MFIAP, ARPS, MFIP etc.) and contribution to the field of art photography like Honorary recognitions.   He explained the requirements that need to be fulfilled and gave in depth knowledge about how to maintain record of salon participation to help easy assimilation of the data while applying for distinctions.   He emphasised that record keeping is very crucial and important, otherwise, inspite of having huge number of acceptances/awards one cannot apply for distinctions if proper record is not maintained.  He showed the template in which record can be maintained and suggested to opt for the template available on website of the photographic bodies.

To sum up the presentation was well planned, deciphering valuable information about salon participation and distinctions, which saw a full house attendance with some seniors and regular salon participants.  The session was mainly meant for the young and new members who are enthusiastic to start salon participation, nevertheless, there was something for everyone to learn and those who missed, have lost a wonderful opportunity to get enlightened.  YPS is grateful for the effort put in by Shri.Krishna Bhat in coming up with such useful presentation packed with all the information required for every salon participant aspiring to pursue various distinctions.  YPS is striving to impart knowledge about photography and imparting knowledge about various means to how one can get recognised in the field of art photography.  

Here is additional summary received from Madhusudana Rao:

Krishna Bhat gave a very comprehensive and informative talk with presentation on the Salon participation and Distinctions. Kudos to the efforts he put on listing down all the preparations needed for the salon. How to prepare the images, what are the different sections, how to choose the images for different sections, dos and don’ts, what is acceptable and what’s not in each section, some stipulations… All were well presented with examples.

Also he explained different photographic distinctions offered by photography bodies and the path to achieve them. He explained record keeping and preparing for the distinctions.

A very useful session, especially for those who are new to the world of salons.

The session was well attended by mostly veteran salon participants and Distinctions holders.