With 5680 pictures submitted from 52 countries evaluated by International jury separated by timezones and oceans, the Judging Event of YPS International Salon 2020 is going to be nothing but the Most Exciting. As in the past Scores for pictures will be webcast live as they are scored.

The Salon Committee and the Executive Committee have left no stone unturned to make this event one of the best in recent times.

Judging Schedule (In India Standard Time)

November 28, 2020, Saturday

9:00 AMNATURE DIGITAL (1356 Pictures)
– Dr. Barun K Sinha, India
– Mr. B Srinivasa, India
– Mr. Vinay Parelkar, India
2:00 PMMONOCHROME OPEN DIGITAL (1477 pictures)
– Mr. Leif Alveen, Denmark
– Mr. Mohammed Arfan Asif, UAE
– Mr. Pandula Bandara, Sri Lanka
7:30 PMCOLOR OPEN DIGITAL (1538 pictures)
– Ms. Ana Joveva, Macedonia North
– Ms. Barbara Schmidt, Germany
– Ms. Susan Cowles, USA

November 29, 2020, Sunday

7:30 PMTRAVEL DIGITAL (1309 Pictures)
– Ms. Elena McTighe, USA
– Mr. Larry Cowles, USA
– Mr. Subrata Bysack, India

Live Webcast

The scores and results will be webcast live on Facebook and Youtube. Click on the links below to join at the right time. Check the past events on Facebook and Youtube when you find time.

Join us during the event and make the show a grand success.