Become a YPS Member

Becoming a YPS Member

YPS is one of the oldest and most prestigious clubs in India. By becoming a YPS Member you get to participate in discussions thereby gaining knowledge from senior and distinctive members

Membership Types and Fee

YPS offers following types of memberships (effective Jan 1, 2018)

Individual Member


Rs. 750/- per year +  Admission Fee Rs. 250/- for first year. Total Rs. 1000/-

Eligibility Criteria:

Anyone can become an Individual Member of YPS. Please note the following details:

  • Individual Membership is Annual and is valid for 1 year from the date of admission
  • Individual Membership must be renewed within 1 month of expiry.

Life Member


Rs. 7500/- one-time

Eligibility Criteria:

An Individual Member (IM) will be eligible to become a Life Member (LM) only after completion of two consecutive years as an IM & his/her name is proposed by another Life Member and his/her name is approved by the Executive Committee.

Junior Associate

Junior Associate is a restricted pseudo-membership (without voting rights) offered to young photographers under the age of 18.


Rs. 100/- one-time

Eligibility Criteria:

Persons between 12-18 years of age can become a Junior Associate through the online application form along with photograph and government issued age proof. Their Associateship will be confirmed after verifying their age proof.  The Associateship will be valid for 1 year from the date of acceptance and Junior Associates also must apply for renewal of their membership every year. Junior Associates will NOT have any voting powers and cannot attend the AGM. Junior Associates are not eligible to contest elections and be part of the Executive Committee. Junior Associates are also not eligible to become a Life Member.

Becoming a YPS Individual Member / Junior Associate

You can become a YPS Individual Member / Junior Associate by applying for membership/associateship online.

Online Application

Application for Membership/Associateship must be submitted online. Click the button below, fill up your details  and submit for processing. YPS will revert to you after verification of details.

Terms and Conditions

  • The Executive Committee reserves the right to accept/reject Admission and Renewal.
  • A person willing to become a member/associate of this Society has to be introduced by another member.
  • Individual Membership & Junior Associateship are valid for 1 year from the date of acceptance of membership.
  • Stamp size recent photograph of the applicant must be submitted at the time of applying for membership.
  • Junior Associates must also upload a Government issued proof of date of birth.
  • The identity card has to be preserved carefully. Individual members/Junior Associates must surrender the ID card at the time of renewal.
  • The Membership/Associateship Fee paid is for meeting the administrative expenses of YPS.
  • Members will be required to pay for paid programs to be able to attend.
  • Once paid, membership fee will not be refunded.

Renewing Individual Membership / Junior Associateship

Existing YPS Individual Members/Junior Associates can renew membership for 1 more year through online application. Please check the validity of your membership on the YPS Individual Member List and renew membership ahead of time. Individual Membership/Junior Associateship will lapse if not renewed within 30 days of expiry. If the person wants to become an Individual Member/Junior Associate again after this period, he/she should submit a fresh application for becoming a new member.

Online Application

Click on the button below, fill up your details and submit your request for Renewal for processing. You must be logged in to be able to submit a Renewal Application. The form has links to make the required payments.  All required documents must be submitted again. YPS will revert to you after verification of details.


  • I am an existing Member and I have not received my Member Login – Please fill the Request Login ID form.
  • I have remitted Membership Fee but I have not received my Member Login – Please fill the form provided above and send it to us. Fill up your Life Member ID in the place provided for receipt. If you have already submitted the form earlier, please raise a request through YPS Contact Us form.
  • For all other queries related to Member Login, send details through YPS Contact Us form.