Ananth Kamath

Ananth KamatAnanth Kamath,  EFIAP, EFIP, cMoL
ProfessionSoftware Engineer

 Ananth has been a proud member of YPS since 2016, and with the support and mentorship of YPS members, he started upskilling himself in the art of photography with special interest in Macro photography and Travel photography. 

Ananth is an active participant in salons and contests and has won over 850 acceptances and 75 awards in national and international salons. His nature and travel photographs have been exhibited in over 30 countries, and he has been honored with EFIAP, EFIP and cMoL distinctions. He has also represented YPS in several inter-club contests and won awards in travel and creative sections. 

Ananth has been involved in the Drsti editorial team, YPS Macro Sub-Committee and also in multiple YPS National and International Salon Committees. He was awarded the YPS Service Award 2020 for his service to the club.