Hardik P Shah

Hardik P Shah

BE (Information Science)

Profession Software Engineer
Hobby Art, Music, Dance, Gadgets, Travel

My journey of photography started as a hobby which turned out to be my passion within a short span of time. I had no idea that my hobby of clicking would take me here today. Photography has changed my vision of seeing things.

It was when I was in Hyderabad as a software engineer, that I took up photography seriously. Right after my engineering I was selected for one of the MNCs and post training I was posted to Hyderabad. Bengaluru, being my hometown, was my choice of preference but somewhere I believe that what happens is for good and photography is the best thing that happened to me. Working as an IT professional and being in front of computer all the time, photography was something that was most exciting and relaxing. With time I have understood and believe that photography is not just about picking up a camera start hitting the shutter. It is something much beyond it. If I’m asked to define photography I would say it is an art of capturing the subject in front of you in most creative way. I like taking portraits, landscapes and abstracts and prefer shooting in monochrome as it touches my heart and soul. I like to shoot my subjects from a totally different perspective.

Below there are few images that I have clicked,