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    With the event just around the corner, slated for Nov 13th, I’ve started raking my brains for some themes that we could work on during the annual event. Here are some that I could come up with:

    * Devotion

    * Decoration

    * Lighting

    * Vendors (portraiture) and their wares (still life / macro)

    * Groundnuts from an arty perspective

    * Colour

    * Eclectic ways of people

    * Family time

    * Uses of Cellphones in a fair

    * Culture and heritage

    Well, I’m sure there’s a lot more that can be done. Please share your thoughts on how this year’s event could be used to bring in our creativity.

    Here’s a list of Do’s and Dont’s that I follow while photographing in crowded places. Hope it helps everyone too:

    – Donot look professional. Dress like a commoner (in fact, dress “boring” in my opinion, and not in professional vests) nor carry any equipment. Just the basic camera body and one lens that suits the need (mostly wide angle). Else you will attract undue attention from the crowd.
    – Try not to use flash. Reason 1: It removes the sanctity of the scene. Reason 2: It attracts attention.
    – Keep moving through the crowd. Donot station yourself at one place. You’ll have trouble mongers watching you.
    – When you notice unruly guys, donot look in their eye. Just move on. Remember, its you who is carrying expensive equipment.
    – Donot move in large groups. 2-3 people is ideal. Co-ordination becomes a big problem in larger groups.
    – While taking pictures of kids, first befriend the parents. Casually take their approval to take photos of kids.
    – While taking pictures of adults, donot directly aim at the face of a total stranger. It can lead you to trouble. First acquaint with a smile, shoot what they are selling, get them comfortable and then move to individuals. Usually showing them the image encourages them to start posing better, or to see it from your point of view.


    Year after year you have been doing this and encouraging others to indulge, appreciate it. There is lot of scope for candid shots and you have given the gist of things you can shoot.

    Two is a company…three is a crowd…better shoot alone are take one more for company & confidence I can say.


    Thank you for providing useful tips!


    Nicely written.

    The only part of your story people are missing here is your pictures from the previous year’s trip!



    Chandru sir, I agree there’s a lot of scope for candids. But one must also be careful about taking pictures of vendors.  From my recent experiences, I’ve noticed that the vendors are very apprehensive to pose. They somehow have an opinion that people make lots of money with these images. So, they make it very hard for simpletons.


    Thanks Akshay!

    With digital photography comes the problem of plenty. I’m yet to process the images from 2016 🙂 There’s a huge backlog.

    Here are some from the previous years:

    Kadalekai Parishe:

    VVPuram Belliteru:



    Thank you for sharing this with us 🙂 Every single post you shared is really interesting and unique!
    To add to the list of things we could do here is another one, hyperlapse!
    I was thinking we can make a hyperlapse! It will sure be very challenging, but we can give it a try. Would be fun shooting and sure there would be lots of learning.


    All the vendors (in hundreds) setup stalls on Saturday evening. So Sunday morning is a good time to schedule your first shoot. The fair is on till Monday evening.

    So, plan your visit accordingly.


    Good idea Hardik! You might want to visit on Saturday evening / Sunday morning to get an idea of the expanse and identify a spot to setup the camera. If you’re banking on the top of a building for this, make a note of the point that Bull temple road has many large trees lining the road and many wires criss-crossing the view.


    Drone photography is a great alternative to go a few feet above the crowd and capture the dynamics.

    I hope that someone uses the opportunity. It’ll be great to see the drone images.


    Thank you so much for the info! Yes it will be a good idea to visit on Saturday and understand the location!

    Will keep in mind about the trees and the wires.

    Yes Drone Photography would be really awesome. But one will have to first get the permission and that will not be so easy. If at all someone gets permission to use one then they can even plan to make a nice short movie/highlights of the Parishe!


    Depending on the gear you have, here are some specifics you could try:

    DSLR with a wide angle lens: Parishe landscape, heaps of groundnuts, a close shot of the range of wares that a vendor is selling, the temple, the fun / play area that has merry-go-round, giant wheel, etc. Set it up for a 1 sec / 2 sec shutterspeed in the play area and see the magic. You’ll need tripod for slow shutterspeeds.

    DSLR with a lens in macro range: Portraits, close-up of all things being sold

    DSLR with telezoom lens: candids. Set it up on the side of the street. Watch people go by and capture the expressions when they’re least aware. A word of caution here. You’re intruding their privacy with the images. So take due care while sharing it, and choose only responsible forums to share such images.

    Cellphone: If you want to shoot with just a cell phone, then you’re the king. The world is all yours. People are absolutely comfortable around those who’re shooting with cellphones. Just be careful with the vendors, especially women vendors and their children.


    Thank you so much for this beautiful write up and most valuable suggestions and advices, Mamatha madam. I will follow your guidelines. ☺


    Since YPS General body on Sunday morning, we can visit the fair in the evening or Monday morning, we can cover event celebration also on Monday.

    What is the actual time of ‘parishe’ on Monday? I mean formal inauguration.

    Any hindrances for covering the inaugural event.



    I’ve never witnessed the inauguration. I dont have any info on that part of the event. The fair will be on throughout Monday. The traffic is blocked on the Bull Temple road only on Monday.

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