Dṛṣṭi wins Arthur P Henricks Jr Memorial Award– the top most award at the 2023 PSA Newsletter Competition.

The 2023 PSA Newsletter contest, conducted by Photographic Society of America (PSA) draws many entries from photographic clubs across the globe. All the entries are reviewed by a panel of three judges and the awards are determined based on criteria in three areas: Presentation, Production, and Content.

The Mar-Apr ‘23 issue of Dṛṣṭi which was submitted for this contest, was ranked #1 with Top scores in all categories, bagging the Arthur P Henricks Jr Memorial Award, termed by PSA as ‘The Best of the Best’.


The Art of Focus Stacking

YPS Saturday Meet | Sept 09, Sat | 5:30 PM IST | State Youth Center

In the world of macro photography, capturing intricate details with clarity can be challenging. Enter “Focus Stacking,” a powerful method that allows photographers to create stunning images with exceptional depth of field and sharpness. In this presentation, focus stacking is explored in-depth, along with various camera setups, equipment, and software workflows. The session includes live demonstrations with different subjects to provide hands-on learning for participants.

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YPS Open House

YPS Open House | 02 Sept, Sat | 6:30 PM | State Youth Centre

Welcome to the next edition of Open House. Let us meet at ‘State Youth Centre’ to discuss some of the best works from YPS Macro Photography Workshops at Hingara, Agumbe!

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YPS Frames – Visual Voyages 2023

Exhibition – Presentations – Practical Session | 18-20, August 2023 | 11 AM to 6 PM | Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath 

Photographers come together on August 19 to celebrate the creativity and nuances of photography that have captivated us for years. The day traces its origins to 1837 when the first-ever photographic process, the ‘Daguerreotype’ was developed by the Frenchmen Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce.

YPS has been celebrating this day with various types of events.  This year, on 18, 19 and 20 August, we bring for you:

  • 18,19,20 Aug, 11 am-6 pm – Exhibition of Prints: ‘FRAMES 2023 – Visual Voyages’
  • 18 Aug, 3 pm – Presentation on wildlife and birding: Exotic Ecuador by Ananthamurthy
  • 19 Aug, 2 pm – Demonstration on Lighting by H Satish
  • 20 Aug, 9.30 am – Practical Portrait Session