Macro World – An Unending Fascination

YPS Meet | Saturday, 07 Dec | 6:30 PM | YPS Hall

It is indeed a fascinating  ‘small creatures’ world out there all around us, unseen by most.
It is these minute creatures that Hayath Mohammed captures with his camera.
The beauty of creation, goes unnoticed, of the so called ‘pesky bugs’ until one comes across his pictures.
Hayath’s images shows how colourful and beautiful the teenie-weenie world of insect is.
This Saturday, you are sure to be awestruck with the macro world of Hayath! Continue reading Macro World – An Unending Fascination

Ornaments – Talk and Presentation by Threesh Kapoor

YPS Meet | Sunday, 24 Nov | 6:30 PM | JP Nagar Club

Ornaments are worn not just by humans, specially women but by Mother Earth as well! Her ornaments are the mountains, valleys, gorges, rivers and the ocean!
Threesh Kapoor, an eminent photographer and mountaineer, hailing from the mountainous area of Uttarakhand will showcase his magnificent images from Uttarakhand Himalayas, Kailas Manasarovar, Valleys, River Ganga, and Landscapes from all over.
Along with these ornaments of nature he will also showcase those worn by women in the mountains.
He will also share his knowledge on problems of high altitude photography and how to make good landscapes.