YPS International Salon 2019 – Open Judging

YPS Salon | July 19-21 9:30 AM | JP Nagar Cultural Association

The YPS Salon will stop accepting images on July 16, Midnight, Alaska Time. We thank all those who participated. The YPS Salon Committee wishes them all success.

The YPS Open Judging for the 6 sections will be held for 3 days from July 19th, Friday at JP Nagar Cultural Association. This year we have Digital and Print sections totaling to 6 sections. Continue reading YPS International Salon 2019 – Open Judging

Salon In Focus – YPS International Salon 2019

YPS Salon In Focus | Jul 13 | 6:30 PM | YPS Hall

This time the YPS Open House program is designed exclusively for the members interested in participating and winning in National and International Salons. The Salon in Focus will be conducted by none other than Mr. H Satish, President YPS who has more than 875 Salon wins awards and has been part of jury in more than 50 National and International Salons. The  Salon in Focus for this week is the “YPS International Salon 2019“.

The “Salon In Focus” program is aimed at increasing participation and winning by YPS Members in National and International Salons.  This will be achieved by,

  • forming and nurturing salon focused group
  • critically reviewing pictures with specific salons in mind
  • sharing and learning ideas for collective growth of the entire group
  • celebrating successes from Salons
  • eliminating duplication and competition from within the group thereby the chances of success for the entire group is enhanced

My Actions

Salon in Focus for this session is “YPS International Salon 2019”.

  1. YPS International Salon 2019 accepts pictures under 6 (4 Digital and 2 Print(Closed)) categories. Identify and shortlist no more than 8 pictures under each category that you plan to submit.
  2. Resize the selected images in the resolution that the Salon has stipulated (maximum 1920 pixels width and maximum 1200 pixels height) so that the images are ready for submission.
  3. Copy them on a pen-drive, preferably under separate folders for each category, and bring them to the venue.

What will you get

The pictures will be projected in  native resolution. Mr. Satish will review the pictures and provide specific guidance regarding its strengths and shortcomings to help you decide on its submission.

Reach the venue on time and be prepared to stay till the end of the session.

-YPS Executive Committee

Portraits of the Wild

YPS Meet | July 06, Sat | 6:30 PM | YPS Hall

Our next YPS Meet is a slideshow by Eshanya Sharma, a passionate wildlife photographer who hails from Sagara, which is an abode of nature. Insects & reptiles are Eshanya’s pet subjects & he has a keen interest in getting detailed information about nature’s creation.

Continue reading Portraits of the Wild

YPS Open House 09-19 Presentation by the Participants of the Glassware Photography Workshop -2

YPS Open House | June 29, Sat | 6:30 PM | YPS Hall

Next YPS Open house is exclusively designed for the  participants of the Glassware Photography Workshop conducted on May 26. The participants will be showcasing their creative images shot during the workshop.
Also the winner of the Glassware Photography Workshop Foto Contest and the winners (Male & Female) of the Foto Contest for pictures shot after the workshop will be announced at this Open House!
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