TNA Perumal Contest Judging

YPS Contest | Judging | Apr 22 | Sat | 9 AM – 6 PM | State Youth Centre

The Public Judging of the contest in tribute to Shri. TNA Perumal will be held on April 22nd from 9:00 AM to 06:00 PM at State Youth Centre. It will be a great learning for all those who participate in Salons to witness and understand how top ranking judges select images for prizes.

For more information on the contest and for participation, visit Tribute to TNA Perumal Contest site.

Send an RSVP if you plan to attend. This will help us plan better.

Adobe Lightroom – Overview

YPS Meet | Apr 16 | Sun | 5:30 PM | Venkatappa Art Gallery

*** Please note that this edition of YPS Meet will be held on Sunday at Venkatappa Art Gallery due to non-availability of venue on Saturday.

One of the challenges of the digital era, is that every photographer should also become his/her own Digital Dark Room Specialist. Due to the inherent technical nature of the digital files, they require processing to bring out the best image from them. Continue reading Adobe Lightroom – Overview

Karnataka Tourism Photo Contest Apr 2017 – Karnataka Landscapes – Now Open

Photo Contest | Karnataka Landscapes | Apr 30

YPS is pleased to announce Karnataka Tourism Photo Contest for April 2017. The theme for the month is “Karnataka Landscapes”.

Karnataka is blessed with a rich variety of Landscapes. Karnataka has over 38,000 Sq.KMs of forests. Western Ghats has been identified as a bio-diversity hot spot. There are over a dozen major rivers, hundreds of water bodies, more than 10 major water falls, many trekking trails, large plantations, valleys, meadows, hills etc. These also change through the seasons to assume different colors and also present different skies, making it possible to have an ever changing canvas of the elements of nature. These living systems offer the travellers close encounters with nature. With such vast areas of untouched beauty, we expect to see photographs of spectacular view of the landscapes of Karnataka.

Submit your Pictures ! Shoot to Fame !

YPS Newsletter April 2017

From Editor’s Desk

The summer has already started and it is predicted that this year it will be too hot. As YPS members are all nature lovers, we request you to put up some bowl of water in your terrace for the birds and small animals. This will provide them a great relief. These summer months, most of the places will be dry and hence, we are not seeing much of insects and butterflies during our outings.

As YPS Hall on Nrupathunga road is difficult to reach, we made alternate arrangements to hold the programmes for April at Venkatappa Art Gallery. Please note that the programs will be on SUNDAYs and will start at 5:30PM instead of 6:30PM.

Membership of all Individual Members who joined before October have expired on March 31st. Thanks to all those who have renewed. Members who have not renewed can renew till April 30th after which membership will cease. Payment for renewal is online and easy. Please renew at the earliest.

All members are cordially invited to the TNA Perumal Judging and Exhbition. Please find program details below and on the website.

Continue reading YPS Newsletter April 2017

Karnataka Tourism Photo Contest – Mar 2017 – Temples of Karnataka Results

The March 2017 Karnataka Tourism Photo Contest was held under the theme of “Temples of Karnataka”. The contest has now concluded and the results have been published. The panel of judges met on April 4th evening for judging at YPS office at the State Youth Centre along with YPS Executive Committee. YPS’ online salon judging system was used to assign scores and to review and finalize award winning images. Continue reading Karnataka Tourism Photo Contest – Mar 2017 – Temples of Karnataka Results

It is all about balancing light

YPS Meet | Mar 4 | State Youth Centre

YPS would like to thank Shri. T Kempanna for accepting to share his slideshow at very short notice. Shri. T. Kempanna, ARPS, AFIAP, is a retired Photo and Film officer, Ministry of I & B and is an experienced photo artist. He has been doing photography for the last 30 years. Shri. Kempanna was one of the judges in YPS All India Salon 2016. He has conducted many exhibitions and has more than 30 acceptances for portraits, candids, studio, wildlie and local sports. Continue reading It is all about balancing light

Member Photo Appreciation April 2017

YPS Meet | Apr 2 | Sun | 5:30 PM | Venkatappa Art Gallery

It has been a while since, YPS held a Member Photo Appreciation program. The last one was held n July 2016. Even though, as per YPS practice, there have been one or two 5th Saturdays between July 2016 and now, they have been occupied with other useful member events. Hence we had decided to start April 2017 with a Member Photo Appreciation program. Continue reading Member Photo Appreciation April 2017