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YPS Meet | Sep 17 | Himalayan Views

YPS members had a chance to see another fabulous presentation by the young YPS member Mr. Arjun Haarith. Around 60 people participated in the program. It was gratifying to see Arjun’s family join the program to provide support. Arjun’s father himself is a photographer and an early member of YPS.

Mr. Arjun presented some fantastic images from his trips to “The Abode of God – The Himalayas“. He had just returned from the Spiti Valley and had come back with a very nice collection of images which he shared along with images from his trips to Tibet, Munisiari, Ladakh and other places from Himalayas. He also showed how he acts as a 24×7 photographer when travelling and mesmerized the audience with his pictures of Star Trails. Many members requested for a Workshop on Star Trails. His images of Lightning were excellent and gave a jolt for everyone.

Arjun has also mastered the art of Macro. He showed some excellent macro works. He has an eye for the beautiful things. Be it snow peaks, or lovely Himalayan damsels, or stars. He shoots everything and visualizes through his THIRD EYE.

For the benefit of those who missed the presentation, Mr. Arjun was kind enough to host the images online here:

Interested people can read his informative blogs here:

Here are some sounds of excitement that Mr. Arjun’s presentation created:

“Thank you So much….Arjun Sir..😊…for the informative session🙏”

“Today’s prezentation by Arjun was simply superb . Himalayas captured in all its glory….the show topped it all with mind blowing night sky pictures..loved it all….thank you Arjun..”

“Apart from the captivating landscapes of the splendid, divine, majestic Himalayas, the abstracts from Spiti valley with beautifully composed frames and well processed images were treat to our minds and souls.”

“amazing presentation by arjun learnt a lot thanks for sharing your knowledge with us”

“Only YPS can organise and teach what photography really means;  by way of slide shows like today. Another Gem called Arjun,   whose aim and shoot never missed the targets , is established. Thanks Arjun for feasting our eyes with mind blowing photographs. and today it is Arjuns day. Hats off to YPS and its team.”

Thank you Arjun, for a wonderful presentation and best wishes for your future endeavours.