Share & Succeed at YPS

Sharing is the essence of learning. We at YPS take pictures. To build a community that learns from each other, YPS Members must SHARE. We must SHARE Pictures. We must SHARE Thoughts.

Everyday YPS Members have been sharing loads of pictures on the WhatsApp group and we thank you for the active participation. But the technology limitations of WhatsApp provides a very short window of attention and no means of having chains of discussions on each picture.

The YPS Photo Share facility on the YPS Website was designed to serve this purpose.

There are many reasons to avoid using it: it is old-style and it is not instant.

There are equal number of good reasons to use it: more convenient to discuss, can appreciate larger images, you are not bothered by notifications that interrupt your day.

But now, there is,

ONE Better Reason to use YPS Photo Share

YPS is glad to announce the PIC of the Month Program to reward activities on YPS Photo Share. Every month there will be two prizes to be won:

  • Best YPS Photo Share Picture  &
  • Best YPS Photo Share Comment

Pictures posted on YPS Photo Share from the first day to the last day of each month and comments on them will be reviewed by YPS Executive Committee to finalize the above prizes. The Prize would include recognition in the YPS Meet and a Gift.

Get Started Now !

Post your Best Pictures ! – Only two per day is permitted
Share your insights ! – No limit, but make it meaningful and professional

Remember that the Best YPS Photo Share Comment will be decided based on the quality of a comment and not on the number of comments by a member. The PIC of the Month program is open only to members. You must login to YPS Website to post pictures and comment on pictures.


Q1. Who will be judging the pictures ? One or more of the YPS Executive Members will form a team to select pictures and comments.

Q2. I have not received my Login and Password. How can I get the login ID and password? All members who have provided an email ID have been communicated a login and password at the time of joining. If you have not received the same, you can easily get one using the following steps:

a. Click on the Password Reset link in the YPS Member Login section on the right column of the website.

b. Enter the Email address that you shared with YPS at the time of signing up and press submit button. A temporary password will be sent to your email.

c. If you are not sure of the email or did not provide one at the time of signing up, you can do so now by clicking on Request Login ID link under YPS Membership left side menu.

Q3. What will be the Prize? The Gift item given away as Prize may change from month to month. Participating and sharing and gaining knowledge is a reward by itself. The selected picture and comment will also go into the Hall of Fame page (to be launched in 2017) on the YPS Website.

Q4. When does the program start? NOW. All pictures and comments on YPS Photo Share starting 1st December 2016 will be considered for the prize the December 2016 PIC of the Month. If you had not shared anything on YPS Photo Share yet, start now.

Q5. Will pictures posted prior to December 1, 2016 and comments on these pictures considered for Dec 2016 PIC of the Month? No. Only pictures posted from December 1, 2016 onwards will be considered for Dec 2016 PIC of the Month.

Q6. Is there a theme for Dec 2016 PIC of the Month? As of now for December 2016, there is no theme or genre. You are free to post any.

For any other queries, send us a request using Contact Us form.