YPS Open House 02-17

YPS Open House | June 10 | State Youth Centre

YPS Open House started in May 2017 is gradually getting popular.  We had 15 people participating in the YPS Open House. The primary format of learning used in this edition of YPS Open House was to review pictures of participants and learn from their strengths and pitfalls. The following participants shared their pictures for review:

  • Suhas – An eighth standard student with bounty of Tiger images
  • Manoj Kumar – who joined YPS recently
  • Amar Bhaskar – a senior Life Member of YPS
  • Rakesh – youngest YPS Executive Committee member

The participants had to reluctantly stop the session and go home after discussing for nearly two hours. Here are some of the topics discussed:

  • Getting the right exposure, especially when you have control over your subjects
  • How to take pictures of Light Streaks formed by morning Sunlight on mist? November is the best time to shoot Light Streaks. You should be facing the Sun. Observe and walk without the camera to select the best angle.
  • Why Black and White looks better? Because we do not see disturbing colors.
  • Manipulation is different from post-processing. Manipulation means deleting and adding components on picture affecting the main subjet. How do you know when a picture is manipulated? Judges can almost always find. Altering the main subject is manipulation.
  • To get sharp macros one has to be parallel to the subject. Better to avoid damaged species. Try to include all that is relevant to the subject. Using cable would help see the subject approaching.
  • How to select Aperture in macro? Depends on the subject. F8 to F16 is ideal.
  • And a lot more…

There is no better way to learn is through discussions.