A Lifetime Opportunity

It was indeed a Lifetime opportunity to have Shri. Dhritiman Mukherjee address participants from YPS. But that’s not all. Look at the participants we had,  Mr. M N Jayakumar, Vijay Cavale, Giri Cavale, Md. Arfan Asif, just to name a few. It was a program to die far.

Dhritiman calls himself an over-rated photographer but everyone had a different opinion at the end of the program.

A Life Driven by Passion

If anything sets aside Dhritiman from others, it is his undying passion for Wildlife and Underwater Photography. He explained how his family had to sacrifice their comforts to be able to support him on all his travels so that he can make those photographs that appear on Nat Geo and BBC magazines. The driving force behind his success, apart from his family, is the passion for taking Wildlife Pictures that count. He explains how he had to spend days at locations, often with very little comfort, to be able to get that one shot that he had visualized.  It is this dedication that makes his pictures stand out amidst the others.

He shared a small collection of his images and explained the  interesting stories behind the picture,  He answered all the queries.

The program was nothing but outstanding. We wish that we have more such programs.