The Mesmerizer

It was one of the longest evenings on July 8th with the program ending close to 10:00 PM and the entire crowd stayed on till the end. Mr. Asif Mohammed’s talk and pictures gave a lot to think about beyond just making pictures. His tips for travel photography would come in handy for all those interested in taking pictures while traveling.

Capturing the Moment in Time

That is the essence of Travel Photography. The moment to which you are privileged to be a witness, never repeats. The combination of lighting, time of the day and year, the people in the picture all make that a unique moment in time. The photographer’s challenge lies in effectively translating the moment to a photograph.

Here are some messages from the program:

  • Must to have accessories – Tripod and Polarizing Filter
  • Some techniques that help make better pictures:
    1. Catch the light when it is warm
    2. Bring out those unique angles. Do not shoot all pictures standing
    3. Unconventional views – Look for your signature views and do not try to emulate images already made
    4. Wait for the decisive moment – this almost makes or breaks the picture – that woman in red dress walking in or that moment when Sun is about to set etc. elevate the picture beyond the ordinary . Recognize and wait for the moment to happen.
    5. Get off the beaten track – Try places not often visited – at least unique pictures will be guaranteed
  • Planning is absolutely essential to be in the right place at the right time
  • Approach
    1. Bring your own perspectives which could be different from those of the local photographers
    2. Think out of the box and frame
  • Common Mistakes
    1. Traveling with an inconvenient Camera Bag – You will be moving around a lot. Having the right Camera Bag removes the pains of carrying the bag around throughout the day. Best Bag for travel is a sling bag with a good shoulder support and ability to easily reach out to lenses.
    2. Don’t travel with new lens
  • Avoid risks – avoid unwanted engagement with locals
  • There are many ways to showcase your pictures:
    1. As individual pictures
    2. As a travelogue conveying a story

There was plenty of interaction and lots of questions from the participants.

YPS thanks Asif for providing an excellent introduction and example to Travel Photography.