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YPS Meet | May 05 | State Youth Centre

On the evening of May 5th, Arjun took us through a tour of Thailand and the USA West Coast in just over an hour and a half, sharing with us his experiences and wonderful pictures.The event was attended by over 30 members. Arjun’s family also joined him to encourage and enjoy the show.

While introducing Arjun, Mr. Satish mentioned how Arjun’s interest in photography grew right from childhood which ultimately ended in he becoming part of the Adobe Lightroom development team where he could use his skills in photography and Information Technology.

Mr. Arjun started his presentation with images from Thailand. Many of the images shot in the nights posed huge challenges due to restrictions use of tripod and the crowd. He explained how taking picture of the Alacazar performance, with different flamboyant colors, was a real experience. He also covered places of monuments, beautiful landscapes  and some interesting cultural aspects of Thailand.

Mr. Arjun, then took us directly to the west coast of USA where he had a chance to visit the dazzling city of Las Vegas, the mighty Grand Canyon and the beautiful Yellow Stone National park epitomized by Ansel Adams. It was a great experience to see the glittering night-scapes and pictures of interior spaces from Las Vegas. Arjun’s pictures also captured very well the splendor of the rise and fall of the Grand Canyon under different lighting conditions.

The pictures from the Yellow Stone National park were completely mesmerizing. He captured the beauty and vastness of the valley blooming with yellow flowers in well-composed panoramic frames. The height of the trip was the visit to the Yellow Stone and the waterfalls that kept Ansel Adams mesmerized for years. Arjun’s picture showing the effect of the Sunset on the Yellow Stone turning it from blue to yellow to red was a phenomenal picture. His inclusion of the foregrounds filled with flowers made the picture looks more natural.

The show was enjoyed by all. Satish in his closing remarks praised Arjun’s efforts of capturing frames in different compositions.

Mr. A S Prakash honored Arjun with a gift from YPS.

We thank all the members who attended the session.