Hearty Congratulations to the Superstars

YPS Member Achievement

YPS Executive Committee congratulates all the members of YPS who have recently been conferred with Excellence FIP (EFIP) and Artist FIP (AFIP) from Federation of Indian Photography.

YPS Members conferred with EFIP

  • Mr. Digwas Bellemane, EFIP – LM-242
  • Mr. Krishna Bhat, AFIAP, EFIP – LM-261
  • Mr. Surya Prakash K S, EFIP – IM-0282

YPS Members conferred with AFIP

  • Ms. Anitha Mysore, AFIP – IM-0017
  • Mr. Deepak Eshwar, AFIP – IM-0057
  • Mr. Girish Ananthamurthy, AFIP – LM-249
  • Ms. Prema Kakade, AFIP – IM-0020
  • Mr. Mahalingaraju Kagi, AFIP – IM-0292
  • Mr. Raghavendra Joshi, AFIP – IM-0311
  • Ms. Hema Narayanan, AFIP – IM-0230
  • Mr. Shreenivas Yenni, AFIP – IM-0173
  • Mr. Sudheendra KP, AFIP – LM-232
  • Mr. V D Bhat Sugavi, AFIP – IM-0345

Once again hearty congratulations. Best wishes to all of them to scale new heights.

YPS Executive Committee