A Historical Picture

YPS enjoys a Proud History !

Here is a picture of historical importance. A rare picture in which you can see many Presidents of YPS seated next to each other demonstrating solidarity and concern for the growth of YPS even after many years of relinquishing their position as President. Such concern and belonging is what led YPS to where we are today.

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Names of Presidents in the Photograph:

Seated Left to Right: Mr. M. Anantharaj (1984-85), Mr. G. S. Krishnamurthy (1987-89 & 1995-96), Mr. M. C. Morabad (1986-87), Mr. M. S. Hebbar (1975-78 & 1980-83), Mr. M. Vishwanath (1973-75), Mr. M. S. Harish (1994-95 & 1996-97)

Standing Left to Right: 1st: Mr. K. S. Rajaram (1989-92), 5th: Mr. S. Nagesh (1997-99), 6th: Mr. H Satish (2016 to Present), 7th: Mr. H. V. Praveen Kumar (1999-2003 & 2007-2016)

This was taken during an Advisory Meeting held with YPS Executive Committee on August 1, 2018. These are some of the great people who have sustained and helped grow one of the oldest Photography Clubs of India. We thank all of them for making it to a meeting and for continuing to contribute constructively to YPS.

The Past Presidents & Secretaries

YPS that came into existence in 1971 and is among the oldest and most meritorious Photography Clubs in India. YPS has a history that we are proud of. There were many men and women behind the success of YPS. We have tried to capture the names so that we do not forget them.

Past Presidents

  1. Ms. Vanja Rao, 1971-73
  2. Mr. M. Vishwanath ARPS, FFIP, 1973-75
  3. Mr. M. S. Hebbar AFIAP, Hon. FIP, Hon.YPS, 1975-78
  4. Mr. R.I.D’sa., 1978-80
  5. Mr. M. S. Hebbar AFIAP, Hon. FIP, Hon.YPS, 1980-83
  6. Dr. H. Chandrashekar, 1983-84
  7. Mr. M. Anantharaj, 1984-85
  8. Mr. B. Lakshminarayana, 1985-86
  9. Mr. Mahantesh C. Morabad, 1986-87
  10. Mr. G. S. Krishnamurthy, ARPS, EFIAP, MFIAP, FIIPC, AICS, FFIP, 1987-89
  11. Mr. K. S. Rajaram, AFIAP, 1989-92
  12. Mr. N. S. Ranganathan, 1992-94
  13. Mr. M. S. Harish, 1994-95
  14. Mr. G. S. Krishnamurthy, ARPS, EFIAP, MFIAP, FIIPC, AICS, FFIP,  1995-96
  15. Mr. M. S. Harish, 1996-97
  16. Mr. S. Nagesha, 1997-99
  17. Mr. H. V. Praveen Kumar, ARPS, MFIAP, AICS, Hon. APSG, 1999-2003
  18. Mr. V.S. Kashinath, 2003-07
  19. Mr. H. V. Praveen Kumar ARPS, MFIAP, AICS, Hon. APSG, 2007- 2016
  20. Mr. H Satish, MFIAP, MICS, ARPS, Hon. YPS, Hon. ECPA, Hon. FICS, 2016-2022
  21. Mr. Manju Vikas Sastry, AFIP 2022 Onwards

Past Secretaries

  1. Mr. S. S. Holla 1971-73
  2. Mr. M. N. Prabhakar Babu and Mr. T. C. Raj 1973-76
  3. Mr. M. Anantharaj 1976-78
  4. Mr. P. N. Arya 1978-80
  5. Mr. M. L. Venkataram 1980-84
  6. Mr. M. Anatharaj 1984-86
  7. Mr. T. S. Srinivas Rao 1986-89
  8. Mr. K. R. Umesh 1989-90
  9. Mr. H. Satish, MFIAP, MICS, ARPS, Hon. YPS, Hon. ECPA, Hon. FICS, 1990-91
  10. Mr. S. Chandrashekar, AFIAP 1991-92
  11. Mr. M. A. Asif, EFIAP/Silver, EPSA, ARPS, FICS, Hon. FICS, Hon. FSWAN, Hon. EFMPA, Hon. FPSNJ, Hon. BPP, Hon. YPS 1992-94
  12. Mr. A. S. Prakash 1994-95
  13. Mr. N. Manu 1995-96
  14. Mr. A. S. Prakash 1996-97
  15. Mr. V. S. Kashinath 1997-99
  16. Mr. K. S. Srinivasa, AFIAP 1999-2000
  17. Dr. Manoj. C. Sindagi, ARPS 2000-01
  18. Mr. B. K. Prasad, ARPS 2001-03
  19. Mr. P. S. Krishna Murthy 2003-04
  20. Mr. K. A Suryaprakash 2004-07
  21. Mr. G. Harinarayana, ARPS 2007- 2016
  22. Mr. K A Suryaprakash 2016
  23. Mr. Manju Vikas Sastry V 2017- 2022
  24. Ms. Prema Kakade 2022 Onwards

A History to be Preserved

YPS has a great legacy of being the mother club of many leading personalities of our time. YPS had also conferred many leading Photographers with Honorary YPS and brought them into the fold of membership.

We would love to receive Photographs of memorable events that could be in possession of some of you. If you have any such photographs prior to 2016, please share with us for preservation and sharing. These photographs bring back fond memories and create an even greater bond between us and the club.

I hope we would all make YPS and its future members as proud as we are today!