YPS International Digital Salon 2021


Big news first! This Salon, being held in the Golden Jubilee Year, is FREE for all participants. Find more details of the salon here. We aim to make your participation experience seamless and memorable.

YPS just concluded the YPS All India Digital Salon with 13321 works from 1039 authors setting a new National record for the number of pictures submitted in an Indian Salon with FIP patronage. The Salon was free for everyone.

YPS is happy to follow this up with the YPS International Digital Salon 2021 for participation from anywhere in the world. YPS started in 1971 has completed 50 years. Growing from strength to strength, YPS blossomed into one of the largest clubs in India. Over the years, YPS has firmly established itself in the world of Salons as one of the most professionally run Salons. We aim to provide you a rich participating experience. YPS, continuing its journey to promote photography, has bundled several exciting features into this salon:

  • It is absolutely FREE for all participants from anywhere in the world.
  • With patronage from FIAP, PSA, ICS, MoL, GPU and FIP, there are over 160 awards to win.
  • Participants will continue to enjoy all the other features of YPS Salons, including 100% review of pictures, facility to revise pictures, Live Scores display, Certificates for Acceptances, Share-your-success tools and a lot more.

YPS International Digital Salon 2021 is open for participation from Sun, Aug 15, 2021 to photographers from all over the world.

Salon website: https://salon.ypsbengaluru.in