Dṛṣṭi wins Arthur P Henricks Jr Memorial Award– the top most award at the 2023 PSA Newsletter Competition.

The 2023 PSA Newsletter contest, conducted by Photographic Society of America (PSA) draws many entries from photographic clubs across the globe. All the entries are reviewed by a panel of three judges and the awards are determined based on criteria in three areas: Presentation, Production, and Content.

The Mar-Apr ‘23 issue of Dṛṣṭi which was submitted for this contest, was ranked #1 with Top scores in all categories, bagging the Arthur P Henricks Jr Memorial Award, termed by PSA as ‘The Best of the Best’.

Additional Special Awards for this issue:

  • Best Layout
  • Best Technical Article: Getting Started with Photomicrography by Raghuram Annadana

The Executive Committee congratulates Dṛṣṭi’s lead Mr Digwas Bellemane, the Editorial Team and Mr Raghuram Annadana for contributing his article. It also congratulates and thanks all its contributors for making our journal win accolades at this contest.

Dṛṣṭi had won Honourable Mention awards for two consecutive years, 2021 and 2022 respectively. With this top award in 2023, Dṛṣṭi has set a Hat-trick.

Some of the noteworthy comments by the jury panel:

  • What a great variety of articles contained in Dṛṣṭi. You have included some helpful How-To articles, discussions on using technology and different equipment, member spotlights, new member introductions (with pictures!), and reviews of past events (also with pictures!). Very nicely done!
  • The fonts used for the titles and text are well-chosen, consistent, and easy to read. The photos are stunning! They are well-positioned within each article. Great job!
  • It contains an excellent amount of images that would make readers drool over. The variety of this newsletter is exceptional and is well balanced by the formatting of this issue.
  • The layout and design are quite pleasing. Photos, charts, text and graphics are well-positioned and blend well together to create an effective overall look and feel.
  • Compliments to Ashok Kandimalla on his article “Just Grasp It- Geotagging”. It was very interesting but mind bending when the technology comes into play.
  • Dṛṣṭi is an impressive publication! The breadth of knowledge expressed in the many interesting articles leads the reader through page after page of information and gorgeous pictures.
  • What an impressive list of Officers, Editors and Designers you have! You’ve done a fine job of crediting everyone, giving contact information, and linking to your many online locations.
  • What a stunning cover! It certainly grabs your attention and makes you want to turn the page. Extra kudos for the wonderful article and pictures from the PSA photo gathering on page 30.
  • It was good to see the welcome given to new members as well as achievements gained.
  • The layout is clean, simple and consistently applied. There is a wealth of information for the reader.

Team Dṛṣṭi: 

Manju Vikas Sastry V AFIP

Editorial Team
Ananth Kamat EFIAP, EFIP, cMoL
B V Prakash
Digwas Bellemane EFIAP/g, EPSA, ESFIP, EFIP
M S Kakade
V Madhusudana D Rao AFIAP, cMoL

Graphics: Arun Poovaiah
Layout: Rajasimha Sathyanarayana EFIAP, EFIP, cMoL
Page Design: Digwas Bellemane EFIAP/g, EPSA, ESFIP, EFIP