ENIGMATIC SMOKE – Smoke Photography Workshop

YPS Workshop | May 19, 2024 | State Youth Centre

Mentor: Mr Girish Mayachari

Smoke, in simple words, is the result of incomplete combustion of any material. From a photographer’s perspective it is one of the easiest subjects to shoot. Though the easiest, it demands a high level of patience and observational skills. The resulting images combined with post processing techniques gives astonishing results. Multiple types of images can be created using different post processing techniques. These images give you a peek into the mysterious and mesmerizing world of smoke.

Come join us in this journey of exploration and experimentation with Smoke Photography….

What to expect

  • Presentation on Smoke photography
  • Seeing the different possibilities in Smoke photography
  • Understanding the setup for Smoke photography
  • Hands on experience of shooting of smoke
  • Dedicated session for post processing of smoke images

Things you need to get:

  • DSLR / Mirrorless camera
  • Kit lens / macro lens (around the 100 mm focal length)
  • Laptop for the post processing session
  • Photoshop or any equivalent software having layers and blending modes.

P.S: Rest of the equipment and props will be provided
Tripods NOT required

Workshop Schedule

Date: May 19, 2024
Time: 9:30am to 5:30pm

Fees & Registration

  • Limited Registrations: Min 10 participants. Max 15 participants only
  • Workshop Fee for YPS members: Rs. 1999/- (Exclusive of Convenience Fee and Taxes) per person. Member must be logged-in to register as a member.
  • Workshop Fee for Non-members is Rs. 2499/- (Exclusive of Convenience Fee and Taxes) per person. Click here to become a YPS Member.
  • Workshop Fee includes lunch and refreshments during break


Youth Photographic Society
3rd Floor, State Youth Centre, TT Hall Nrupathunga Road Bangalore  560001
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/vW3hqwEsqwP2

About Mr Girish Mayachari

Girish Mayachari has been pursuing photography for over 2 decades. Starting off his journey as a landscape photographer during his treks, he later on tried his hands in various genres including macro, bird, wildlife, fashion, portraiture, still life / table top, travel and fine art photography to name a few. After attending a Glassware photography workshop organized by YPS and conducted by Mr Vinod Sunder, he started experimenting in an attempt to create unique images. During one such experimental shoot, using a dhoop cone opened up a whole new world that fascinated him and engulfed him. Further experiments in shooting smoke and then using different post processing techniques resulted in images that gave immense joy and satisfaction. He continues to research and experiment with an objective of creating artistic images that are better than the ones he has already created.