The Golden Hour – YPS ನೆನಪುಗಳು – 8

YPS Golden Hour | Sept 12, Sun | 5:30 PM | Online

As you all know that YPS is in its 50 years of existence and as a part of the Golden Jubilee Celebration this Sunday 12 Sept 2021, we are coming up with YPS Nenapugalu, Trip Down The Memory Lane.

This will be a unique program where our President, Shri. H Satish will be in conversation with three Sr. Members S Chandrashekar, Mohammed Arfan Asif and A S Prakash to delve into the Sr. Members Nenapugalu (Memories) since 1971.

Don’t miss catching up on the history of YPS.

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Life of Banaras – Colors of life of the ancient city in monochrome

YPS Meet Live | S2 E16 | Sept 05, Sun | 5:30 PM | Online

‘The Life of Banaras’ – Manish Khattry says “It’s a humble attempt to capture and present the colors of life in monochrome. The more I wish to describe the mystics of Banaras, the more I fall short of words. Then you know how most of your deepest experiences go unexpressed. Being a Photographer is a Blessing. It has given me a Tool to use to make people see the unseen. Each of my Pictures on Banaras and its vibrant life is a Story, a Narrative. 

The Daily Life of Banaras is Unique in itself. The human activities seen here are typical of this place. All these provide immense subject for a photographer and has become a reason for an inflow of a huge number of photographers to come here and shoot. Banaras is one of the most picturized cities of the World.

I have been clicking Banaras for the last 3 decades and till date, it is almost a weekly ritual to move around with my Camera capturing with all the passion the various aspects of this fast changing city. When some people ask me what is it that I find so interesting in the lanes, the Ghats, the Ganges, Fairs and festivals, and the pandemic period also that I keep taking so many pictures (over 10 lakhs till date). 

To this I tell them that it is a Love affair between me and Banaras that doesn’t cease. Instead it is growing deeper with each passing day and every day I look at my city, I find it to be as new as ever.”

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The YPS Saturday Meet – PORTRAITURE – the Social Soup that can be Art

YPS Saturday Meet | Sept 4, Sat | 5:30 PM IST | Google Meet

In our complex environment of opinions, beliefs, desires, truths, values, myths, grudges, inventions, histories, conspiracies, rumors, plans, protocols, archetypes, dwellings, art, jokes, taboos, and other vectors of life, a “PORTRAIT” remains the true window to the soul of the subject.

Asif will take you down memory lane on the evolution of the portrait and it’s transformation and why he terms it as the most evergreen social soup. He will then talk about the artistic inclinations where portraits can transform to art in the medium of photography. He will present his exquisite work to elaborate his experience, style and approach and provide useful tools for budding portraitists.

Finally he will be most pleased to answer queries on the topic based on his experience of three decades of passionate photography.

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