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    Depending on the gear you have, here are some specifics you could try:

    DSLR with a wide angle lens: Parishe landscape, heaps of groundnuts, a close shot of the range of wares that a vendor is selling, the temple, the fun / play area that has merry-go-round, giant wheel, etc. Set it up for a 1 sec / 2 sec shutterspeed in the play area and see the magic. You’ll need tripod for slow shutterspeeds.

    DSLR with a lens in macro range: Portraits, close-up of all things being sold

    DSLR with telezoom lens: candids. Set it up on the side of the street. Watch people go by and capture the expressions when they’re least aware. A word of caution here. You’re intruding their privacy with the images. So take due care while sharing it, and choose only responsible forums to share such images.

    Cellphone: If you want to shoot with just a cell phone, then you’re the king. The world is all yours. People are absolutely comfortable around those who’re shooting with cellphones. Just be careful with the vendors, especially women vendors and their children.