Pictorial Photography by K S Srinivasa

Youth Photographic Society held its 3rd YPS Meet for 2016 on June 18, 2016, Saturday. This time the topic was “Pictorial Photography”, a subject that can only be dealt with by an Artist by heart. Mr. Srinivasa was an artist and it showed very well during the program. Details of the program and the profile of Mr. Srinivasa can be seen here.

YPS Meet happens every month at 6:30 PM on the 1st, 3rd and 5th (if there is one) Saturdays. Unless otherwise announced the YPS Meet will happen at the YPS Hall

The YPS Meet on Pictorial Photography was attended by over 60 YPS members and non-member photo enthusiasts including some senior members of YPS. To be able to accommodate everyone, the projection screen and the chairs were shifted to the long corridor outside the YPS Hall. Even the corridor was full to the brim and many had to stand during the entire program. The program was so interesting that most of them stayed on till the end of the program.

Satish, President, YPS, introduced Mr. Srinivasa as a “Hidden Gem”, a person with lots of talent but keeps himself in the background. Mr. Srinivasa’s images just showed what he meant. Mr. Srinivasa explained each picture and shared the choices he made in selecting the scene, in choosing the  exposure and in placing elements in the picture for achieving compelling composition.  He also explained how a suitable frame can be used to expand the space and retain the focus on the picture. He also shared a few of his beautiful paintings that demonstrated life-like proportions and colors. There were lots of discussions that enhanced the learning.

YPS Executive Committee thanks Mr. Srinivasa for taking time to deliver the session and for the wonderful learning experience he imparted.

YPS Executive Committee thanks all the attendees for demonstrating absolute commitment to learn. We look forward to your continued support.