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July 2016                                                                                              Volume : 1/04

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From Editor’s Desk

The month of June was very interesting with active participation of serious members. The announcement of two programmes on Macro photography and Pictorial photography attracted large number of photographers, and it was difficult for us to provide proper seating for all of them. Sorry members for any inconvenience caused to you. We met the Jt. Director of State Youth Services and had a good discussion. We requested them to provide us a bigger hall for some of the programmes where we expect more members. They have agreed as of now. Let’s pray for the good times ahead.

The beautiful member’s gallery is attracting large members to display their excellent images for a month. The permanent gallery set at YPS hall is already open. Please bring your images 4 max. on first Saturday of every month. come at 5-30 pm and paste yourself, your images along with name and title.

YPS thanks Mr. Vasudev Sigh for arranging this gallery fitted with Spot lights. In Future you are going to see YPS in all its new avatar!!
Please make use of our website and publish your images and get comments on them. This is a learning platform, where everybody will be benefitted.

Fellow lens men, it is but apparent that, we have to save nature at any cost. so what best step we can take, then stopping printing newsletter. In future, we will send e-Newsletter, since everyone is tech savvy now a days. What do you say guys? Shall we start e-Newsletter from August coinciding with World Photography month? If you all agree send messages on YPS Bengaluru chats and on web site.

YPS Meets in June 2016

4th June 2016 : Macro Photography by Goutham Ramesh

I’ve always believed that photography as an art is a primary medium of communication that a photo-artist uses to portray his vision and message. The impact of his works definitely has a stern message to the onlooker. We’ve often seen pictures only of aviaries and mammals or wildlife as a whole when we exclude humans. But how often have we, as common audience, seen the minuscule part of nature which plays a game with your eyes to spot something without having a second look at it? Not very much right? That’s where Goutham’s works have made an impact. Goutham Ramesh, is an artist who always has a great passion for the insect world or as we term it “macro”.
As long as I have accompanied him for photography, I’ve observed that he always moves in such a way that, the subject he works with, are all accomplished with a very limited and inexpensive hardware thereby giving out a message to anyone who attended his presentation, that you can really create some amazing pictures even if you don’t have expensive cameras. If you didn’t hear him out properly, he spoke about how his cameras were all entry-level and he never really cared about purchasing high-end cameras due to the fact aforementioned, he knew he could still create some best pictures with his existing equipment.
When I have to speak about his work, I have to undoubtedly admit that he surely has some of the best pictures in his collection that I am sure the audience really enjoyed watching. People often, only speak about the specific picture as to how they succeeded in taking it. As you’ve noticed, not only did he mention about the way it was taken, he also educated the whole audience as to how pictures were really successful in being one, with very limited environment and support from his companions. You also would’ve heard him speaking about the technique and the gear he used to take his pictures. To conclude about his presentation, I am pretty convinced that the audience turn-out itself proved that the presentation surely was a huge success and also would’ve inspired some of you out there to start working on macro subjects either out of pure interest or curiosity.

5th June 2016 : Macro outing to Lalbagh

As many as 45 enthusiastic Macro photographers congregated at Lalbagh lawns, at 7 a.m. It was a cloudy bright morning and many youngsters as well as old timers, who are young in their spirits, attended with their macro gears. Goutham Ramesh, who lead the team explained about various intricacies of approaching macro subjects, with care and patience. First of all, we have to follow some nature ethics and nature will help us to support in our endeavors. He explained and showed by taking few images of Small butterflies to Owl flies. Some members got to shoot a lovely Lime butterfly, which was basking in the sun. He also mentioned the use and advantages of 90mm, 105mm and 180mm Macro lenses and how one can get best images with whatever the lens he has. We could also see some ladies participating with lot of interest and curiosity. Let their tribe bloom!!

Goutham made 4 groups, so that many will get opportunity to take more macro subjects. He told everyone to use Tripod without fail, since macro subjects move because of wind and needs precise focusing. He gave lot of tips on the subject he loves most. YPS thanks Goutham Ramesh for the good initiative and for guiding the members to enrich their knowledge in the macro field.

The macro fever continued for some members who, the following Sunday, also went to Lalbagh and tried their best to get good macro subjects, and I was one of them! About 12 of us met and we succeeded in getting some good Butterflies, Spiders and Dragonflies.

18th June 2016 : Pictorial Photography by K S Srinivasa, AFIAP

An excellent evening was spent in knowledge gaining at YPS hall. Over 60 members gathered for this Programme on pictorial. Many members had a doubt about the pictorial composition and subjects. Srinivasa explained in detail about the various facts of Pictorial- play of light, composition, placement of subject and storytelling.  He being a Painter himself, who has created lots of lovely paintings of Birds and animals, knows the importance of composition and direction. So, it is easy for him to do pictorial photography. He explained so well, that, you need not be a painter, but you must have an eye for the subject. He showed some of his outdoor genre, landscape taken on beaches, some portraits done at his studio and outdoor portraits. A vast collection of pictorial images gave the audience, a fair knowledge of pictorial photography. He is a winner of State Kempegowda Award and State Lalith Kala Academy Award, apart from various national and international awards. YPS thanks him for his valuable guidance and for the presentation.

Upcoming YPS Meets in July 2016


2nd July 2016 Talk on Salon Participation, guidelines and the requirements for Salon Ready Pictures – By H.Satish and A.K.Raju
3rd July 2016 Macro outing to J.P.Nagar -Arakere forest. This will be a good opportunity to do some macro with guidance from macro Gurus- Goutham Ramesh and Murali Santhanam. Rs.100 is charged for Breakfast. Please pay it on 2nd July if you want to participate. 17 members have booked so far.
16th July 2016 Talk and presentation on Photo Journalism by K Murali Kumar, Special News Photographer, The Hindu.
30th July 2016 This being 3rd Saturday of the Month, we want to have Members’ Photo Share. Please bring your pictures in Pen drive. Small size JPEG files (1024 pixels on the long side) of about 15 images from each member on any subject. Experts will comment and guide you to Improve. Please process yourself and bring. No RAW files.
Also remember that in future, all 3rd Saturdays of the month (if any), it will be dedicated to Members’ Photo Share.
31st July 2016 Based on popular demand, a One Day Basic Photography Workshop is being organized at YPS Hall, from 10am to 5pm. Please attend in large numbers, to learn the basics of photography. This workshop is meant for all those who want to learn about (a) selection of equipment (cameras, lenses, tripods etc.), (b) understanding exposure, ISO, speed, aperture, depth of field, (c) understanding natural lighting, (d) simple composition techniques, (e) using post-processing and other details sought after by beginners in photography.

Fees Rs. 600. (Coffee and Lunch will be served).

After the course, depending on the interest, we can conduct a full-day Advanced Photography course on Lighting and Post Processing on the following Sunday. Fees for this will be announced later.

World Photography Day – Aug 19, 2016

We will be celebrating the World Photography Day in a big way. Apart from Honoring eminent photographers, there will be Members photo exhibition. Please submit prints of two of your best images on Landscape or Cityscape. Only two pictures from each member can be accepted. Size 12” x 18” only. Contact H.Satish for any printing requirements. Last date for submission is August 6th.

Member Success

  • Dr.Harinarayan Salunky  –   5th J.P.S. Jodhpur 2016 –  Acceptances 1 Monochrome; 1 Color & 2 Nature
  • Prasanna Venkatesh Gubbi : Has won ‘ BEST BIRD’ and Honorable mention Awards in Natures Best Magazine -USA. This is one of the major international contests.

Congrats members.

Upcoming Salons & Contests

Up Coming photo contests/ Salons. Please also check YPS website for more Salons.

Askary Awards for Youth under 35 years

AskaryAwards copy


Askary Awards are held every year for photo enthusiasts under the age of 35 years. This year also they are conducting Photo awards, which will be given to two young photographers of KARNATAKA. This is not a contest. You can submit your pictures as portfolio and awards will be given to photographers of TWO selected portfolios. Please follow the website for details. Last date to submit Aug 10th 2016. Contact H.Satish, convener,  for details.