Portraits – Get them Straight

YPS Workshop | Oct 17 | Portraits with Umbrella Lights

The much awaited Workshop on Portraits with Umbrella Lights got completed on October 17th. It so happens that it also became the first YPS program at the new YPS premises at 3rd Floor in the State Youth Center on the Nrupathanga Road, Bengaluru.

There were around 25 participants. Two sets of lights and models were organized to provide more shooting time and experience. Shri. Bijay Agarwal provided so much of fine information about portrait photographs and lighting techniques. Some of the topics explained were:

  • Different types of lighting props – Grids, Snoots, Light Boxes, Reflectors, Umbrellas, Soap Dish etc.
  • Lighting Techniques – Low Key, High Key, Rembrandt, Back Lighting etc.
  • Posing Techniques – How to bring out the eyes wide open, how to avoid shadows under the nose etc.
  • Backgrounds
  • Makeup

The participants enjoyed the session thoroughly well lining up for taking images one after another.

We thank Sri. Agarwal for conducting an excellent session and all the enthusiastic participants.

It was a day of great learning. Here are some images from the workshop.