2017 Revisions to Membership Fee postponed

YPS Executive Committee is pleased to announce that the revisions to the  membership fee effective from January 1, 2017 announced in the January YPS Newsletter has been postponed. The Executive Committee took the decision after taking into consideration the opinions and feedback from some of the members.

The fee will continue to be as follows:

Membership Type Fees Eligibility Criteria
Individual Membership Apr – Sep :  Rs. 500/- per year +  Admission Fee Rs. 50/- for first year. Total Rs. 550/-

Oct – Mar : Rs. 250 for current half year + Rs. 500 for next year + Rs. 50 one-time admission fee. Total Rs. 800/-

 Anyone can become an Individual Member of YPS. Please note the following details:

  • Individual Membership is Annual and is valid till 31st March.
  • Individual Members joining after 1st October will be required to pay membership fee for the current half year and next full year.
  • Individual Membership must be renewed within 1 month of expiry.
Life Membership Rs. 2500/- one-time An Individual Member (IM) will be eligible to become a Life Member (LM) only after completion of two consecutive years as an IM & his/her name is proposed by another Life Member and his/her name is approved by the Executive Committee.