Around the world in 80 minutes

YPS Meet | Jan 21 | State Youth Centre

Yes, that was exactly how we felt at the end of Anitha Mysore’s slideshow at YPS on January 21, Saturday at YPS hall at State Youth Centre. We literally saw places from the west most corner of the world to the east most. It was very clear that she had done quite an amount of preparation selecting the places and pictures from all her trips over the last 10 years keeping in mind that she will be presenting in front of experienced photographers.

The passion to travel and to take pictures seem to have been developed from her days in National College, Bengaluru where she was a member of National College Photo Club. Her passion in photography was kindled when she received an Agfa Click-3 as a gift. And when she got into a job that requires travel every year, the passion became a flame.  She wasted no trip abroad and meticulously planned her travels to new destinations with every trip.

Her first digital camera was a Canon Powershot an she bought Nikon D90 as her first Digital SLR in 2009. Since then she had owned / hired / used many advanced equipment. Apart from travel photography she also has a passion for nature photography, especially birds.

During the slideshow she showed pictures from Japan, China, Singapore, Dubai, Greece, Italy, Malta, Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, New York, Washington and California. The well taken pictures captured the essence of places, history, people and culture of these destinations. She kept the audience focused by recalling incidents and anecdotes which made us feel that she has literally travelled back in time to relish those cherished moments.

We can summarize her journey into a quote that she shared with us that evening:

One’s destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things – Henry Miller

Anitha had pursued her passion unmindful of her limitations as a woman photographer setting an example of what is possible when you have the determination. With support from her family and mentors we wish her many more journeys and many more pictures.