Photography in Police Work

YPS Meet | May 6, Sat | State Youth Centre

On May 6th, YPS  witnessed a unique program coming from Mr. Narasimhamurthy. He combines his passion or photography with his police work. His work in Police had given him unique opportunities to click photographs that cannot be clicked by others. Here are some examples:

  • He shred with us photographs of forensic studies of bullets. It is a technique used to establish whether a bullet has been fired from a particular gun by studying the microscopic patterns created by the barrel of a gun on the bullet being fired.
  • He shared the picture of a sweep panorama taken at the invocation ceremony of the Chief Minister, a 110MB file with facial details of everyone at the function.
  • He had been witness to many political situations and historic moments, pictures of which have not been shared with public.

YPS members enjoyed his simple presentation. Mr. Amar Bhaskar presented him with a memento as a token of appreciation.