Karnataka Tourism Photo Contest May 2017 – Karnataka Arts & Culture

Tourism Contest | Karnataka Arts & Culture | May 31

Karnataka is a bundle of distinct Arts and Culture practiced by Kannadigas, Tuluvas, Kodavas, Konkanis and more.

This contest provides you a wide field to play with. Karnataka is the home of many civilizations, many traditions and many cultures. The Art forms manifest in many ways, all designed to engage people and appease their senses. Some of the forms of Art that are visually appeasing are,

  • Local dance forms like Veeragase, Kamsale, Dollu Kunitha and other dance forms
  • Craft forms like the Dolls of Channapatna, Silk Weaving, Cloth making, Pot making and other forms local to Karnataka
  • Folk Theater like Yakshagana, Puppet Shows, Community Performances etc. are also local manifestations of Art

Culture takes other forms as well, like the local Customs and Rituals, Celebrations, Sports and other activities local to Karnataka. These are also candidates for this month’s theme.

Last date for submission is May 31st.

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