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Distinguished Service To The Federation Of Indian Photography
by a Corporate Club Distinction

ESFIPC Distinction was awarded to Youth Photographic Society by the Federation of Indian Photography for having rendered distinguished services to FIP over many years.

The award was presented by Mr Adit Agarwala, President, FIP and Dr Barun K Sinha, Honorary Secretary General, FIP at the FIP AGM held on 23rd March, 2024 during the 31st FIP Convention in Mysuru and hosted by YPS.

The ESFIPC Distinction plaque was received by Mr Manju Vikas Sastry, President, YPS and Ms Prema Kakade, Secretary, YPS

YPS is proud to be the first recipient of this coveted distinction by a Corporate Club

ELEGANCE OF GLASSWARE – Dark-field & Bright-field Photography Workshop

YPS Workshop | Jun 16, 2024 | 10AM – 6PM | State Youth Centre

Last day for registration Jun 9, 2024

Glass is considered one of the most challenging subjects to photograph. The reason for this is the transparency and the reflective nature of glass. It is very essential to understand the lighting techniques to photograph glass in an effective manner. The lighting can be done in two different ways. Namely bright field and dark field techniques. Once the challenge of lighting has been overcome, photographing glass gives immense joy. 

Join us to dive deep into the challenging and joyous world of glassware photography.

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Lightroom Classic Online Post-Processing Workshop

YPS Workshop | Jul 27-04 Aug, 2024 | Google Meet

Last Day For Registration: 14 July, 2024

Mentor: Mr Ashok Kandimalla

This workshop is designed for photographers who would like to improve their images without spending too much time in post-processing. It will serve those who want to learn Lightroom Classic as well those who are already using the software but want to brush up on their knowledge

Workshop will cover the Library and Develop Modules of Lightroom Classic. (Lightroom, which is cloud-based, is not included) 

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ENIGMATIC SMOKE – Smoke Photography Workshop

YPS Workshop | May 19, 2024 | State Youth Centre

Mentor: Mr Girish Mayachari

Smoke, in simple words, is the result of incomplete combustion of any material. From a photographer’s perspective it is one of the easiest subjects to shoot. Though the easiest, it demands a high level of patience and observational skills. The resulting images combined with post processing techniques gives astonishing results. Multiple types of images can be created using different post processing techniques. These images give you a peek into the mysterious and mesmerizing world of smoke.

Come join us in this journey of exploration and experimentation with Smoke Photography….

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YPS International Photo Tour –  EAST JAVA & BALI – JULY 2024

Travel through some of the most fascinating locales in Indonesia  in the peak of the Milky Way Season to create stunning landscapes, Astro landscapes, Classical travel images and Portraits of the ever smiling Javanese and the Balinese

This 11 day extravaganza starts at Surabaya and traverses amongst others Mount Bromo, Madakaripura and Tumpak Sewu Waterfalls, Mount Semeru, Djawatan forest before ferrying us to the ancient land of Bali


  • Tour Lead: Mr Yogesh Mokashi.
  • Small group of a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 13 members. Booking amount will be refunded if minimum of 9 do not sign up.
  • Very competitive pricing: progressively decreasing with increased group size
  • Professional local mentor who conducts exclusive photography tour
  • Add an extension to Nusa Penida at extra cost (Min 6 people required)
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