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Stories from the Street

Google Meet

YPS Saturday Meet | Jun 01, Sat | 5:30 PM IST | Street Photography | Google Meet Street photography is a captivating art form that thrives on capturing the raw, unfiltered essence of everyday life in urban environments. For Arindam Thokder, the true delight lies in uncovering connections between seemingly unrelated scenes and then finding … Continue reading Stories from the Street

Understanding Lightroom Classic Architecture and Organizing Images

Google Meet

YPS Saturday Meet | May 18, Sat | 5:30 PM IST | Technical Talk | Google Meet Lightroom was developed as a photographer-friendly software to complement Photoshop but became more popular than the latter with photographers due to its intuitive user interface and ease of use. It is a versatile multi-role software that covers several … Continue reading Understanding Lightroom Classic Architecture and Organizing Images

Tusker Trails…story of elephants

State Youth Centre (3rd Floor) State Youth Centre, Nrupathunga Road, Bangalore

YPS Saturday Meet | May 04, Sat | 6:30 PM IST | State Youth Center Photographers usually just shoot record pictures of animals. But hardly does anybody take time to study the behavior of the subjects that they capture. Satish, as a serious Wildlife photographer, studies these aspects before venturing into photography. He likes to … Continue reading Tusker Trails…story of elephants