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Hello Murali Sir,

Thank you for the article. I wanted to start using the back button to lock the focus from quite sometime.
Now I have started using it focus after reading this!

I would like to share the settings I use on my Canon 760D. I switch between these two settings depending on the situation.

  1. AE/AF, no AE lock
    Focus using back button.
    I’m mostly on manual mode so I set the exposure myself.
  2. AE lock/AF
    Focus using back button and lock the exposure using shutter button.
    This is when I want to use Shutter/Aperture priority and I want to lock the exposure manually, which is by using the shutter button, I go with this setting.

Seems to be difficult in the beginning as we are used to the default setting but this really helps in most of the situations!


Hardik Shah