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Hello Murali Sir,

Thank you for the article. I wanted to start using the back button to lock the focus from quite sometime.
Now I have started using it focus after reading this!

I would like to share the settings I use on my Canon 760D. I switch between these two settings depending on the situation.

  1. AE/AF, no AE lock
    Focus using back button.
    I’m mostly on manual mode so I set the exposure myself.
  2. AE lock/AF
    Focus using back button and lock the exposure using shutter button.
    This is when I want to use Shutter/Aperture priority and I want to lock the exposure manually, which is by using the shutter button, I go with this setting.

Seems to be difficult in the beginning as we are used to the default setting but this really helps in most of the situations!


Hardik Shah

Since 1971