YPS Saturday Online Meet-Cropping and Resizing

YPS Saturday Online Meet | Oct 08, Sat | 5:30 PM IST | S2 E5

All of us take a large number of images. We will discard some, post-process some, and finally prepare a few for showing to others. There are many ways we can do the latter. It could be through sharing on social sites, displaying on an HDTV, hanging prints on a wall, making a photo book or preserving them in an album. We may also submit our images to salons and other competitions to test our mettle. Mr Ashok Kandimalla will explain how an image should be prepared for each of these, which needs to be cropped and resized differently.

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Astro Landscapes 101

YPS Saturday Online Meet | September  10, Sat 5:30 PM IST | S2 E4

Making pictures when the stars are out and everyone in your part of the world is sleeping, is an experience that can be addictive. But to be successful at making those nights worth it, one has to learn the complete workflow of capturing Astro Landscape Imagery right from concepts, planning, execution to processing.!The presentation will be followed by a Q&A. 

Please ask all your questions that you have been wanting to ask after the presentation.
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